We Miss You Lisa | Reviewer: Breanna | 3/14/10

I love Lisa's whole Supernova album. And this song is so true, because the day I learned she was gone A New Star Was Born. I've always loved TLC and when I found out that Left Eye had passed I was so devastated and heartbroken.I still love her and miss her so much. She was definitley taken away from us too soon but I know that she is in a better place.

so beautiful | Reviewer: Autumn .A .S | 10/24/07

This i a really great song i wish the record label would have let her release her album here in the U.S back when she fist made it becasue the whole CD is hot and i believe she would still be here today if it was released
this is the best song on there and it really gives you hope and touches and relates to many topics