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linkin park is breakin new ground | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

alot of people say linkin parks new stuff is shit but i actually like it better than their older stuff and the crazy part is that theyre not completely all there yet there is still room for improvement. i think basically they just need a more finished version of whats on minutes to midnight they actually sound like u2 when they arent being real heavy if youve never heard u2 you need to hear em theyre one the bese bands ever. id like to see a broader scope from lp they can do it to cuz minutes to midnight probably couldve been a double album i dont think theyll do that on the next album though. linkin park is amazing and if you dont think they are fuck off and go smoke crack and listen to icp or limp bizkit or something gay like that. peace.

Kinda Old | Reviewer: Joshyyy | 11/23/07

To say this is quite old would be some understatement.
Try going to for info on their new album or watch some LPTV. 12 onwards i think. Youtube! :D

linkin park rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

HEY MAN U R THE FATTEST GROUP AND WEN I SAY FAT I MEAN THE BEST i have liked u since i heard your music

Keep it poppin!! | Reviewer: vinny | 11/22/07

Before ya'll guys broke it out on the rock secene i never listen to rock. This guys have so much talent it's so sick. All you haters need to shut it. Oh, ya by the way Minutes to Midnight is a awsome album.

Linkin Park RULES | Reviewer: Tucker Hanners | 11/7/07

I loved the biography. Linkin Park is my favorite band. Ive been listening to them since 2000, And i've got to disagree with the guy hwo said that they should put more Mike in. I'm not dissin or whatever but I think they sound good the way they are. And to Demonic toaster:SUCK MY BALLS BITCH!!!!!!!!

amazing | Reviewer: Nadine | 11/8/07

of all the artists out there, none had the courage to make such radical changes in their music style, to experiment so much, and to come up, once again, with such great sound.
the lyrics are great, and minutes to midnight is amazing. i was really surprised at their new sound, but loved it the second i heard it. KEEP IT UP LP!!! can't wait for their next album already :D

A couple of words | Reviewer: lvlr Chicago | 11/3/07

Awesome music, best band ever. I have been listening for so many years, and yes this is one of the greatest bands ever. Chester's voice is perfect for this type of music and the songs really speak to ya. Great job mates and keep up the kick ass work.

ideas for the next album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

i love linkin park meteora was the first album i bought. minutes to midnight is very different while its not the best they could do im glad to see theyre evolving. some of the stuff is really impressive 2 songs were real punky id like to see em grow on that and i love the song with mike singing they should try and get him singing more. the rest sounds like coldplay they need to get away from that. id like to see em get back to rap a little more and maybe play around with electronic sounds. that and the whole punk thing would be really cool.

you fricken rock ur the bloody best good on ya's | Reviewer: joseph lawson | 10/11/07

hey wats happenin yo guys are the best band i have ever heard and i love hit the floor and a place for my head there the best. at skool im doin a project on you's so YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

LP! the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

Since Hybrid Theory to Minutes to Midnight! the best band ever! For those who don't know about innovation in music better don't leave a review if you don't understand changes.
LP's music before and now still the best!

i got crazy for them | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

it's a great band..... they are the best of all. chester's voice makes me crawling in my skin.
so... i listen you every day and like your mysic more and more.. good luck guys.

There comes a time... | Reviewer: Dylon Nichols | 9/26/07

I dont think minutes to midnight was tha best, but there comes a time when u r so obsessed with a band, u like even their bad music. so i luv minutes to midnight more than i would if i wasnt a hard core fan.

LININ PARK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Austin | 9/26/07

You guys are the best band I have ever heard. Way above and beyond Good Charlotte or 50 cent or Usher or Evanescence or anything else, for that matter. I love you guys and I hope you make more!!!

Old was the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

Linkin park was an amazing band when they first came out, hybrid theory was the BEST cd of their time, all of their other stuff is good, but i still think their cd from 2000 was the best, hands down, i'm not a fan of their new stuff

ur awsome | Reviewer: ashley | 9/17/07

u guys rock i love ur music i think it is awsome i like heavy metal nd shit and i just still cant stop listening to ur music its just genies

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