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[LINKIN PARK] | Reviewer: Nadim | 8/16/09

Do u knw hw much i love [LP]??? Just i am giving some .... mom call me a freak of [LP],not fan!!!
2. My friends tell me that there's many other music in the world,not only [LP]!!!
3. I have spent all my money that i kept to buy [LP] album,live n ...ehm ehm..shirts,pants, convers as they wear(especially chester!!!)....
4. I have made some of my friends (and relatives too) to be a fan of [LP] who didn't like english song before!!!
5.i can't pass any day without listening [LP]
6.all my khata and books are full of [LP] lyrics and logo!!!
7. As i am muslim i cant make tattoo on my I draw on my calculator,bag, text book n many more....

Finally,i think in my country(bangladesh) i am the greatest [LP] freak (not fan :p)

why??? | Reviewer: derrek | 7/15/09

the first day i got hybrid theory i couldnt stop listening. i loved the nu metal edge they had mixed with a lil rap. one step closer is the most orgasmicly amazing song ive ever listened 2. meteroa also was a good album,i especially liked dont stay and breaking the habit. but then i got minutes 2 midnight...biggest letdown ever! they sold out and lost the edge i liked. now they sound the same as every other band out there. in selling out they gained alot of you so called fans who liked them just because trasformers. was it worth it, knowing they didnt stay true 2 themselves and their diehard fans?well thats it 4 me if u like what i said or want 2 kick me in the pants feel free 2 send me an email at

east or west likin parks the best.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/09

hey watch out ... heres my favourite and the world best rock band.. :D
u guys are held responsible by my mother for my 82% in my xam....
my mother is very angry with u guys but i will still continue to listen ur albums even in my xam days..
u rock .... my email id is
if you see my review then plz send a e mail to me ..
love you... a thousand kisses to mike,chester and the rest of them.........

Ha-ha...even when I was little I loved Linkin Park | Reviewer: Ashleigh Keller | 2/27/09

Man, I remember the year 2000 and I was just 5 yrs old and In The End used to come onto the radio and I would be just sitting there listening to the great music...four years later, I was 9 and Numb/Encore was on and I'm thinkin "Wow, this is great, I'd sure like to be able to listen to this song every day...what the hell r u waitin for?"....4 yrs later and i could listen to all those songs and the ones on Minutes to Midnight...1 yr later, and hear i am....I liked Linkin Park when i was 5, and I like em now (cept now i got their cds) and i reckon nothin can change that.LP 4 EVER!

real fans | Reviewer: ben | 12/20/08

everytime i listen to a linkin park album, i hear something i didnt hear before. that's the mark of a great band. there are alot of people out there who were fans of linkin park during their hybrid theory and meteora days who jumped off the bandwagon when minutes to midnight came out well let me say this THEY WERE NEVER REAL FANS TO BEGIN WITH. real linkin park fans understand just how artistic this band is and can truly appreciate what linkin park did with minutes to midnight. what's great about minutes is that linkin park was able to change what they doing but rather than coming away not knowing who they are, theyve actually developed a stronger identity. those so-called fans who jumped off the bandwagon never truly listened to what linkin park was doing all they heard was a nu metal band they could get down to like limp bizkit or disturbed. linkin park is a band that doesnt deserve to be lumped in with bands like that. linkin park's fans have a deep appreciation for the music, were not a bunch of braindead fanatics like slipknot fans(though i do love me some slipknot!)anyway, i just wanted to let be known that linkin park has the best fans in the world. and needless to say, linkin park is my favorite band. peace.

Linkin park they get life | Reviewer: Astede | 7/19/08

Linkin park are such a feeler ithink they are amazing Ilove them so much . i am from Ethopia(Africa) i lesten to them every day it realy makes me feel good. they are so much talented speicaly chester his vocie and mike,joe...i dont know how they do it but they can do so favriout song is What i"ve done. loooooovvvvveeee them.

rock on | Reviewer: mike | 7/4/08

i have to say that linkin park in not another rock band...they actually make songs that relate with real life..mike sings about real stuff not just an annoying scream and a lot of basse like other rock bands,,,i don't like rock,i love linkin park...ROCK ON!

ROCKKKKK ON GUYS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Shravan Kailasa | 6/29/08

One of the best bands out there....great lyrics and the best music i've ever heard...i can never forget how i heard of ya'll, i saw a DBZ vid with Linkin park's's been addicting the end is totally mesmerising!!!!..GIVE IT UP TO LINKIN PARK....

OOMMGG | Reviewer: Rachel Ray | 6/5/08

OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! You guys have been my favorite band for a long time now and i'll never forget how i discovered you guys. i found linkin park on youtube in a video someone was watching... I heard Points Of Authority in the video and BAM!! I found out who wrote the song then I went out and bought Hybrid Theory immediately! Then i bought Minutes To Midnight! Then Meteora! THen all THE REST OF THEM! I'm crazy about u guys and i rlyrlyrly hope u guys make more! (When that next album comes out u WILL be seein me with it in my hand the first day it comes out) p.s. i AM the biggest linkin park fan u will ever meet. Watch out! lol

LINKIN PARK FOR LIFE!!! | Reviewer: Blair Peachman | 5/27/08

I've been a huge fan since i first heard In The End in 1994, and I havent change at all since then. You guys are awesome, i talk about you guys every single day. keep rocking you guys, your the best!!!

keep rolling!!! | Reviewer: LPlover | 3/18/08

i have just started listening to linkin park almost a year and i have to say that they are AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!!!!i just bought the minutes to midnight album and i liked it so much that i staight up bought and the other albums.(my english are not good.i am from greece and i am saying(((keep it up like this)))!!!

OMG | Reviewer: Foxxie | 3/1/08

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE LINKIN PARK!!!!! best band in the history of the world!you have the best music because its different in every album and song. you experiment in so many different ways so people are never bored with it. you really dont know what to expect, but thats what makes you so great. you also go past your confort zone, and alot of bands dont really do that. not to mention, your lyrics actually mean things, and relate to alot of peoples lives (especially mine, I can link almost all your songs to some point in my life, pretty sad, huh? lol.) anywayz, I love u pplz with effing passion, dont stop with ur awesome albums, u never let us down! ps, loved Minutes to Midnight, especially no roads left and leave out all the rest. <3 u pplz! ROCK ON!



LP Exro Theory | Reviewer: Mike | 1/10/08

that is a name i came up with for a new album if you guyz ever make one well your albums were all kool i have moslty all your guyz song on my mp3 well yea hope you and your band memberz get this ok l8ter dudez peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINKIN PARK ROCKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LP Rocks with world class Rockers !!! | Reviewer: pradeep | 1/2/08

I think LP is the best rock band we ever had.
Numb was the state of the art masterpeice from these 6 all time rock thinking minds. Minutes to midnight is another album where we get taste of Melody n rock.
Valentine's day is really a cool song n What I have done's video is a rebel. Hats of to the DJ Joe Hahn who has directed this video.
People who don't like rock obviously will not like LP.
So all the rock lovers. guys we must thanks LP for entertaining us for over the years.

LP Rocks others Sucks !!!

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