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Performed by Linkin Park

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Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Bartek(poland) | 3/7/07

This is the new one LP song. It is amazing. I can listen it all day. Now I waiting for new album of Linkin Park. To the premiere is only 3 month (in my country:/)

Nice but... | Reviewer: **FaiNt** | 2/9/07

The lyrics are pretty good but it sounds like metal-no its certainly metal.:) I like the old songs more but maybe I'll get used to it because it felt same with By Myself at first. But this song isnt going to be on the new album; its on underground 06.

Great | Reviewer: Genetic | 2/9/07

Amazing new song. Its definitely a lot heavier than the old lp, which I appreciate. They have amazing voices and a particularly great scream. Im going to get the new album as soon as its released and going to see there concert. LINKIN PARK FUCKIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/07

Fucking great lyrics and the heavy giutar riffs. Love the way it sound. canĀ“t wait until the new album is released.

Woooooooooot! | Reviewer: Elvis | 2/3/07

The Rap is much, MUCH, more deep! But its too much metal (can't complain it is nu-Metal :p). I liked the old LP more.

New great style but the last one was better... | Reviewer: SylenzedNuke | 10/18/06

The lyrics are better than the lyrics of their old songs, the heavy guitar riffs make them sound more oa a nu-metal band than they ever did, but I can't hear Joe Hahn doing anything in the song, I mean even if he is doing something, it is so underlying that I can't even distinguish it from the rest of the song. The drumming is better too and so is the rap-driven style but still I liked the old [LP] more especially because of the way they mixed nerdcore hiphop and numetal together and their songs sounded like some dreams to me when I first heard them but this is sounding like rants about somethings. Still [LP] has managed to create a GREAT GREAT GREAT song and I would be definitely buying their album when it is released...

a slight change? maybe not.. | Reviewer: shaondip | 9/27/06

qwerty is a classic lp and agressive rapping coupled with a heart drenching bennington effect. some real nice and heavy composition there. actually this song to me sounds a bit like system of a down. even the guitar riffs bear a lose resemblance to serj's voice in the song "vicinity of obscenity"..BUT this song is WAY TOO better better than the s.o.a.d song to be even compared to that. in my opinion linkin park is well on their way to becoming one of the most popular(if not one of the best!) musical acts in the recent history.

FREAKIN' SWEET! | Reviewer: strongbad | 9/21/06

I am stoked over this new song, can't wait for the rest of the album in 2007!

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