tha classic | Reviewer: luqman | 8/6/11

this is the song that i heard from classic hotwheel trailer on 2005, at that time i realized that suppose we have to work harder and harder to reach what we wanted. especially this song has encourage my adrenaline to it's limit. knowing that if you want then do what you want

thank you linkin park
this song has given a way for me to solve the mystery o life

arif zefen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

linkin park are without doubt one of the best bands ever.and this album is da bom.but again without doubt this band has fallen and reduced to nothin but shit.their so called new and improved album is worse than that shit head fag hope that they change and get their shit back together.

General comment | Reviewer: Peter | 6/28/11

Linkin park is my favourite band and has been since i was about 5. (I'm now almost 15). I love how their lyrics can be interperated (?) to make it relevant to real life (similar to a bible for christians). For example, i like this song because, as other's coments proove, almost all of us will experience a partner like this in life. The best linkin park song, in my opinion based on lyrics, is 'Hands Held High'. And the best song based on sound I think is 'New divide'. Basicly because I like the song, the music video and Tfansformers.

wellll | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/08

this song just completely sums up what my ex put me through. he abused me and he'd love it when i hurt myself to try and block it out and fight back at him coz i thought he didnt like me doing, oh yeah turned out he got off on me doing that. cheers darling. he just liked being in control tbh. ah well got a new boyfriend now and he's lovelyy!

a while back | Reviewer: chris | 11/5/08

this song is a lot like what happened to me a few weeks ago. i loved this girl, she kinda liked me back, but then i moved on and are rly!! happy with another girl, and she likes me now more than she did b4, but she cant have me. might not make much sense to you guys, but it does to me. the way she use to strong me along, id hurt myself again and again just to hold her hand, and she had been hurt by a lot of guys b4, and i think she mighta just wanted me to hurt a little with her, so we could share our pain.

but you snooze, you lose, lol

'Arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded'

one thing wrong | Reviewer: adam | 6/23/07

where you put you can run a race, the >A< is supposed to be >the<

damm good | Reviewer: steven | 6/10/07

ive got every album of theres exepted for the new one and dis happens to be my favorite song and now i know de words to it yeh

love this song... | Reviewer: Ruthie | 5/31/07

One of the BEST songs EVER...but what else can you expect from one of the BEST bands EVER...?

Oh my f*cking god! | Reviewer: Lisa | 4/19/07

This song is SO damn good. I just got the Hybrid Theory CD a few days ago, and have been addicted to the whole CD, but this song has been set on repeat on my iPod soo many times. Great beat, makes me want to go start some sh*t after hearing it...kind of like motivational music. Great song, good CD, amazing band!

You got couple things wrong. | Reviewer: Nicholas Gadea | 4/3/07

You love the way,I look at you
While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through <-- (its through not trough)
You take away,if I give in
My life <-- (its life not live)
My pride is broken