lp;messenger of freedom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/12

numb is awesome.it's one of the best songs i've ever ever heard,the piano and the electric melody and drums and bass and the most important one who's the best vocalist that could be matched with lp,chester,his voise is kinda amazing one,lp makes fly to the sky!

best | Reviewer: luqman | 8/6/11

perhaps and should be, this song by chester, wanted us to do what we exactly wanted to do without anyone forcing, cuz we are the pilot in ourselves. there's shouldn't be any people who persuading others with forcing. to follow his or her wanted. i hate them, if i have them on the track, i should've destroy them and take'em out.

really amazed :) | Reviewer: Nightingale | 7/28/11

when i heared this song for the first time i couldn't stop crying it describes simply all what i feel our parents want us to be what they like not what we like and this is very depressing even we love them sooo much
all linkin park songs make me astonished they describe our life in an amazing way
i just adore listening to them
beautiful lyrics amazing voices and wonderful music :)

One of the LPs best song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

Last poster took words from me. Meteora and Hybrid Theory were great albums though I prefer Hybrid Theory. But Numb is Linkin Park's signature song and the sound is realy great. I think lyrics isn't the strogest part of LP's creation...

Btw do you agree that their last album was way worse than their older material ?

Thing of the Past | Reviewer: ?!? | 1/29/10

LP was brilliant in their prime, this album was where it all came to a close. I give them props for still continuing to make music - but personally - I don't care for their new material.

Interested in a band where the singer kind of reminds me of Chester Bennington? Check out Threat Signal, especially the song 'A New Beginning'.

All in all, cheers and props to LP!

Awesome song!! | Reviewer: Mary | 11/23/09

BEST SONG EVER!!! I can play it on the piano, and it also sort of describes me. My dad wants me to be a hockey player, but I HATE playing hockey. So, yeah. Anyway, good song. Really "sick" song. To show my devotion, I've made a song-fic of it. You won't understand it if you don't know what Bionicles are.

ARIEL: LP FAN FOR LIFE! | Reviewer: LP FAN FOR LIFE! | 9/5/09

Ok seriously whoever doesnt like linkin park is freakin crazy! This song is really freakin good and you haters really need to back off and get a life.. Their songs are really emotionall and crazy so if you don't like them too bad.. Don't listen!

Really Cool... | Reviewer: Daniel | 6/25/09

This is my absolute favorite song ever! Linkin Park is an awesome band and I love their music. Everyone should have this song on their ipod. It is a really good song. The remix of this song is good too. :)

this is a graet song! | Reviewer: Cory Beam | 3/12/09

i like this and i think that this is the best song that linkin park has done. i would be overly depressed if i couldnt listen to chester. i like the lyrics and how they go together with the music. its sad and angry at the same time they put there words out there. they say what they want to say. theres no need to study the words to get there meaning. i am a big fan of linkin park and numb is the best song they have done so far;.

lp rox | Reviewer: lp fangirl | 2/22/09

hey lp just wanted to tell u that I feel like wen noone else understans me, u guys do. I relate to the lyrics more and more evry day! u just understand sooooo well!!!!! especially numb. u know like all the things we're going thru and the song matches perfectly!!! thank u sooo much! u guys absolutely ROCK!!!

perfect lyrics | Reviewer: smothered | 2/13/09

numb just says it all for me. my parents think I should be a goody goody and a perfect person. what they don't realiz is mebee I don't WANT to be that sort of person! I wish they would just let me go and stop smothering me. they won't let me do anything! I'm 15 and they won't let me date (''your not ready to get married blah blah blah''). I seriously have to do everything behind their backs. they can't stop me from doing anything really, so they just need to loosen up. its amazing how linkin park just says everthing your feeling! OMG!!!

Describes my life perfectly... | Reviewer: Salman ravish | 2/3/09

when i first saw dis vdo i was completely stunned 'cos dis song was so much similar to d experiences i've had in my life...i guess it describes my life completely,therefore i luv LP 'cos i m able to relate myself wid their songs,even my room mate said that i resemble to the girl in vdo...

for Chester Bennington | Reviewer: karen gomez | 10/6/08

hey chester, i just wanted to take advantage on this to tell you what a big fan i am of you.
i have all of your songs and they help me calm down when i get very stressed.
i really love your music and their lyrics are awsome.
Please tell me something on myspace.
please don't think i'm that kind of person who just goes online to whatever they can do.
i'm just somebody who is a big fan of you and mike and the rest of the Linkin Park band who wants to see you guys on live and take memory pictiures with you guys.
i really love the way Mike puts feelings into the songs.
and beleive me, i know what has happened to you in the past and i really understand it.
i just want you to know that i was about to go in that kind of same problems but you made me understand that that isn't the correct trail to take.
your music has made me understand how you actually really feel now.
loosing some parents really hurts.
i have some parents that love me.
and i wish you were my old brother teaching me hoe to do my homework and all that stuff because my brothers don't love.
all they do every day is call me names and there has never ever been a day when they would never shut the hell up.
it just makes me get really sick.
so what i do to calm myself down is to lock myself up in my room and liten to your music in a really loud volume.
i want you to tell me if it's O.K. if i call you my best bro and add me up in your Myspace if you have one

wonderful video | Reviewer: Mahmood | 8/5/08

I'm mad about this song's video… it's amazing, I saved it on my computer and every time I watch it , it really affect on me … a girl who is alone among thousands of other people. The climax of the video was when the girl sits on a bench next to other girls but they immediately leave her . I think it's a masterpiece.

u rock LK | Reviewer: miserable princess | 12/31/07

i think this and everything song they sing relate to me it perfectly describes my life especialy the song bleed it out and when i hear it i cry and it makes
me feel better caz i relize i am not the only one. u ROCK LK