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Performed by Linkin Park

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Perfection | Reviewer: PinkDinothunder | 12/27/07

I'm a huge Link Park lover,and a Dino Thunder fan.After I heard this song while working on a fanfiction,I suddenly fell in love with this song and got stuck in character for a while.I love this song and has a great message.I can't explain why I love it.It's just one of those songs that is on such a high level of perfection,greatness and meaning that it becomes unexplainable.

so love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

this song relates to wat im tryna do now pick up the peices of my broken life and move on becuz in the end i cant change the past and giving up as i had been is not making things better

floored | Reviewer: lauren | 10/19/07

wow. ive always been a huge fan of linkin park. thsi song touched me in ways that none of their other songs have ever touched me before. beautiful. very well done.

Cool | Reviewer: Aily | 10/22/07

I this song...!! It reminds me of my ex boyfriend. I like this song and What I've Done in the Minutes to Midnight...

@lalabear | Reviewer: +/- | 9/16/07

I believe in love we search for people that have something we admire, because we like that something about ourselves or we wish we could be like that something, and we search for people that have something we need (and want to give it to us), like laughter, intelligent conversation, . So it's both differences and similarities that attracts us to other people, depending on what kind of person you are and what you are looking for (more difference or similarity orientated). I believe in your case it's difference that brought u together.

but what a great song :)

reminds me with oguz | Reviewer: lalabear | 8/29/07

yup u guys are right. . this song makes u cry and sad song. . .everytime i listen this song it reminds me a lot with oguz who is really special guy in my heart and the only one in my heart . . . who knows bout it. . . we're not meant to be cuz we have different people that what he said . . . we have different religion. . do guys think if u guys different people and religion that means u're not part of love or get together becuz of difference. . . hmmm hope oguz and me go back together cuz he is always in my heart and can't let it go. . .

<3 | Reviewer: Cudlymuffin | 8/27/07

this is currently my favorite song by linkin park. you guys did an awesome job writing it. i absolutely luv the lyrics!!!

I like it | Reviewer: Brittany | 7/24/07

I listend to the song... and when I was reading the lyrics they seemed to have every word. So good job!

..::Molli's Baybeh Gurl::..

relations | Reviewer: connor | 7/14/07

this song really relates to me, not just this, but almost every single one of their songs can relate to me. this band has showed me alot.

Hurt | Reviewer: Angelo | 7/3/07

This song is one of Linkin Park's best, I must say. I just broke up with the love of my life because i caught her cheating on me, and this is how the song sings to me: It's almost like the person is in a position where he is at a loss for words. His decision on how to spend the rest of his life was crushed, and was trying to pick up the pieces, realizing that he's done nothing to make himself worthy of anything. And he stops and asks, "Who will remember me?"

Linkin Park | Reviewer: Ian | 6/21/07

Alright, well, I love Linkin Park - I have all their CD's... my stepdad said that this isn't their best work... I COMPLETELY disagree!!! This is NOT their BEST CD, but it's the second best! I love it compared to Meteora it's AWESOME!!! Hybrid Theory's my favorite though... and I absolutely Love this song! It sends a sort of message to all the people (relates) to the peopke that have had hard times in their lives, including me, so I relate! Love it!

it made me cry | Reviewer: Kristy | 6/10/07

it made me cry because i relate to every word....dont ask..i went through some bad times..and especially since i just got through w/my freshman year in high this is for all the guys that broke or will break my heart..

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

so this song fucking rocks.
my boyfriend dedicated it to me,weve been thru alot...

what made me mad tho is when i sang it on his vm for him [he likes my singing] he said "ill listen to it later." lol ...

fucking bitch man

when my time comes, forget wrong that ive done... | Reviewer: meL | 5/18/07

luv this song at the 1st listenin'...represent me...makes me listenin' to this song every single day...wat a great song guys...

Nice beat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

I love the first verse and it kind have some similarity with what i went through recently. Its good music,a bit sad but lovely.

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