WOW GUYS... | Reviewer: SiN | 3/6/09

Mr. Hahn is most definitely NOT DJ Shadow. wow. just, wow. no. Shadow is one of the top EDM dj's in history and he is most definitely not Mr. Hahn. they don't even spin the same genre or have anything comparable to a similar handstyle on the decks, I don't know how anyone could think that. WOW.

It's going down | Reviewer: Someone | 4/27/07

This song is performed By Xecutioners featuring Mike shinoda (vocalist from Linkin Park) and Joseph Hahn (DJ from Linkin Park but also Known as DJ Shadow)

Word | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

First of all, its the X-Ecutioners and its featuring Mike Shinoda who also has a solo album out under the name of Fort Minor

not an official linkin park song | Reviewer: TAHA | 9/26/06

well its not by linkin park, its for executors i think, featuring one of the guys form linkin park the vocalist not the blond one, the one with the goatie, but over all its great.