My Interpretation... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

I think it's about a man who is apologizing to his gf/wife/fiancee or whatever... He's trying to apologize to her about not being hinself. When he says, "The only thing worse than one is none", he's pretty much saying he doesn't want to be alone and wants her to stay... I can relate pretty well to this song..

LOVE | Reviewer: stephanie | 2/22/09

i love how mike sings in this song.
so simple, but so sweet :)
i saw them last march and they played this song, it was amazingg
this has been my favorite band ever since i was eight years old, never stop loving them <3

Wow | Reviewer: Zuhukanah | 10/25/07

Wow. i heard this on Project playlist, didn't think it was linkin park. i liked it, but had trouble thinking it was made by Linkin' park. COOL

i LoVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Emily | 10/24/07

I went to the LP concert at Sydney i was bumbed that they didnt play this song but i still enjoyed the concert heaps!!!!!!

You've gotta love this song! | Reviewer: Alisha | 7/6/07

This song is my favorite at the moment. Mike Shinoda's voice is hauntingly beautiful, as are the song's lyrics, as always. Linkin Park always creates quality music with powerful lyrics. This is one of many great LP songs.

awfully purtty | Reviewer: Tay Tay | 7/6/07

it's such a pretty song. I don't this is Chester's voice, is it? Either way, it's a real nice song that makes you think and try and identify the real you. Deep, huh? Yeaaaa! Lol, like I said its a very nice song.

little error | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

u know where it goes "but somehow i got ..."
it really is "and somehow i got ..."