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Performed by Linkin Park

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To the "Bush lovers" | Reviewer: Emily | 7/31/07

I've been waiting to hear a song like this. This isn't just a "We hate Bush" song. Just listen to the damn song. Actually listen to it. Don't just type up a comment based on a first glance.

They're singing about not only what an idiot our President is, and they most certainly aren't bashing the men and women in service ("back of the jet" means the suits behind sending out the soldiers) but about how f***ed up our political system is. Complaining about the political system doesn't mean you're a bad American, and it doesn't mean you don't appreciate the things you have. If it wasn't for our ancestors complaining about the political system, we would all be like radical Islam, under the regime of men like Saddham, or Castro, or Kim Jong Il. If it wasn't for the fact someone in the history, and pre-history of this country said 'this sucks and let me tell you why' we wouldn't be able to have the freedom of expression that the boys of LP are explicitly expressing now.

It's their right to sing what they want to sing about. Deal with it.

If you let the fact this band speaks out their mind, ruin your fandom, then you're an idiot. You should want to listen to a band that voices their opinion without fear. Isn't that the reason you listen to them in the first place?

already a bad song that's made even worse by senseless political bullshit | Reviewer: Mwc | 7/24/07

I've loved Linkin Park's music since the beginning. Every song on this CD kicks ass EXCEPT this one. I just skip it and pretend it's not there. When I listen to "No More Sorrow" the images that come to mind are those of the moderate Muslims suffering under and then fighting back against oppressive radical Islamists (Taliban leaders, Hezbollah, the Iranian regime/ayatollahs, all members of Al Qaeda, Sunni extremists throughout the Arab world and especially in Saudi Arabia). In my mind I've taken what those assholes in Linkin Park intended to be a Bush-bashing song and turned it into a better song with much more deeper meaning for me. Yeah, I get it . . . you don't like Bush; that's not new! The cool thing to do these days is to hate Bush. Why doesn't anyone write a song about the dangers of radical Islam and a nuclear Iran? Write about something that actually fucking matters (NO GLOBAL WARMING DOESN'T COUNT).

upsetting | Reviewer: pete | 7/14/07

i was a huge linkin park fan til i heard this song. everyone has an opinion but they should have kept it out of their music. ruined the album and the band for me

Liberal Park | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/8/07

OMG I used to be a die hard fan until this album. Now I realize that the band members are unintelligent liberals. They used to be a great band, until they sold out to become liberals. I used to relate to their music, until they sold out against commonsense and went for more $ with the popular, but wrong, left wing agenda that is trying to ruin our beautiful USA. What a shame :(

About the hippie comment | Reviewer: JTea | 6/27/07

If you're serious so self centered that you don't care that OUR people in Iraq are dying, everyday, and we've gotten ourselves into another Vietnam you need to leave the country. You don't deserve to have the amazing comforts America has made for us.

Second- If you believe in Bush, you should take a good look at the news. Then maybe you should reconsider.

and Last, of all you don't have to be a hippie to be politcally involved. I give major propts to Linkin Park for this particular song because it really spoke a lot of opressed feelings of millions of people.

It's a good sound for them. | Reviewer: Brendan | 6/15/07

It's a good sound for them, as long as they don't exclusively turn into a political band. Every once in a while, a rap song is good for them. It proves that Chester isn't the only singer in the band.

hippie liberal | Reviewer: alex | 6/12/07

song sucks a bunch of hippie liberal bull shit shut up and sing dont be political

Good sound | Reviewer: Steve | 5/19/07

While this is a completely new sound for Linkin Park, it is a good shift for them. It took a few listens through the CD to get used to it, but now I love it. Anyways, in the first verse, it's:
"Another kid my age drugged under a jeep

Taken and bound and found later under a tree
I wonder if he had thought 'The next one could be me'"
"But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday"
"On the back, he handwrote a quote inside
'When the rich wage war it's the poor who die'"

All semantics, but it helps overall accuracy.
Peace out
-DJ Brain

Wicked song | Reviewer: J Pharaoh | 5/16/07

Wicked song - love war related music..

And fix it then if it's wrong.

Great song | Reviewer: J Brown | 5/15/07

This is a really heart felt of my favorites on the album. Although the words printed here are wrong you get the point. Very good song.

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