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Performed by Linkin Park

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awesome | Reviewer: jessie | 11/24/07

i think this song is so awesome and powerfull i have three friends in iraq and my cousin is aslo out there, we should just leave them to it bring the troops home, they don't need another xmaz out there, the people of the country are no better anyway and they aren't gratefull for the pwoers so called help so i say leave them to it they don't want us there we don't need to be there it's time to come home!

stay in iraq | Reviewer: some guy | 11/17/07


Deep | Reviewer: Zuhukanah | 10/25/07

Very deep, i love this song.. i really wish that they didn't just start cursing, though, i liked it better without. but is a very good song, very true, and very deep.

exceeding expectations | Reviewer: lauren | 10/19/07

i have thus far only really liked the "hybrid theory" album but after hearing this album, i have a higher respect for linkin park. this song in particular. their messages are alot deeper and home-hitting. i believe music should impact you, and this album has definately impacted me. they have exceeded my expectations, and i say "job well done!"

AMAZING!! | Reviewer: Sherry syed | 10/15/07

this song is amazing. the message is soo deep. they rnt targetting any particular country just generally whats going on in the world ya it also gave me goosebumps the end chorus is ...whoa

i like the way | Reviewer: loool | 10/9/07

why u all arguuing over a song and on the net ..... GET LIFES !!! .... this song is great amd soo true and if u dont like it dont listen to it u dont have to lifes dull of choices :) fucking make em :d .... and secondly about the war part it isnt bout iraq at all where does it mention iraw u fuking numptys its about war in general and how fuking pointless it is so all of u stfu ffs

STFU Lindsey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/07

this war is not about HELPING "US". Allied actions left Iraq in ruins. SO what are you going to do? Just bail and let all the poor Iraqi civillians deal with it?
Go die

Just an Aussie | Reviewer: Matt Wilson | 9/28/07

I think everyones point is very valid, the lyrics from this song gave me goosbumps, i agree its not directly targeting america (i dont mean that in a bad way btw) its adressing issues all over the world
as we to have men and women over in iraq peace keeping and playing bodyguards for japanese engineers. This song really hit me on a musical level i think its brilliant, no climax but it still hits you, gj LP love the new album even though most over here think you've gone soft.


troubled times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

America was founded upon the ideals of democracy, being able to speak what you want to speak. Linkin Park has done wonders with this song. It's time for America to wake up and protect our country from the internal corruption, and the internal dealings. Democracy will only work if people take an active roll in government, and Linkin Park is doing just that...they are speaking about something that is important to them. President Bush has screwed this country over. From the days after 9/11 to now, he's made wrong decision after wrong decision. Right after 9/11 he had a perfect opportunity to unite our country, but instead he told us to go back to our INDIVIDUAL lives. America has become a country of individualism...people are to worried about themselves, and they have no concept of the better good for our country, it's pathetic.

Secondly, the war in Iraq is a complete and twisted reality. The only reason we entered into this "war" was to secure our military might in the Middle East, and procure barrels of oil. If you believed any of that hosh posh about Weapons of Mass Destruction then you're nieve and you take everything you hear for granted. Again, pathetic.

Bush has become more of an authoritarian leader then we should have ever allowed him to be. He has infringed on basic human rights, such as withdrawing the right of habeas corpus to certain individuals. He has illegally tapped phones. He has lied. The Patriot Acts...does none of this worry America? When we start giving up the rights of minorities (in this case mostly innocent Muslims) we are giving up the rights of the majority as well.

Thank you LP for standing up and speaking what your stances are. America needs more people to stand up to authority...that's what this country was founded on.

Seriously, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!! | Reviewer: Summer Roberts | 9/2/07

#1. If 1 song could stop you from listening to/loving the band, then you need to go to hell.

#2. This war is going to turn into Vietnam all over again. It was NEVER our war to begin with. So much hype about the iraq war, I've forgotten the city that actually had the 9/11 terrorists aka alqueda or WHOEVER they are.

#3. THEY make music to express how THEY feel and what THEY believe is happening in THEIR world. So if you have a problem with the way THEY do WHAT THEY'VE ALWAYS DONE with their music, then you were never a true fan and need to got to hell.

#4. They aren't "hippies", they didn't "sell out to liberals" and they probably didn't do this for "more" money. They are MAKING MUSIC using FEELINGS and EMOTIONS! SO if YOU have a problem, then YOU need to go to hell.

#5. I don't even wish Hell on President Bush because, in whatever state of mind he is in, he probably believes what is doing is best. However, I wish an eternity in hell on those who get angry at others for making their statements known, and then they turn around and shove their opinions down your throat.

So Screw you. You wanna say something? My real Name And E-mail address is right there. GO AHEAD! I'M WAITING.

Oh and thanks to those who support Linkin Park, even if it is just skipping the song, this band owns.

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