;) | Reviewer: Kiryn | 11/18/12

Though Linkin Park HAS changed quite a bit, (Cursing, different music style) I am still absolutely captivated beyond belief by this song, this album, and their music. Keep up the great work, guys!

u jt tjpgat0*gpj *pgajt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

i got say lp are the best alternative band in the freakin universe.unlike many bands their lyrics actualy make sense.they have kick ass rhytm.but like every great bands out there they started pullin songs from their ass.their recent album ten thousand sons sucks so bad.they lost the magic that made them one of the great.they tried to make it more mature. But it was stupid.

Given Up | Reviewer: Karrie | 5/20/10

I have to say the song is great, it fit into every catagory I have been feeling and still feel. This song I can't say how much in ment to me. With life issues and faceing a grandmother that is a drunk, I let her down any many ways. I can't begin the rest just to know that someone has faced this thought and the way I feel, makes it feel like it was all ok. Growing up has been tough, I cry, I scream, I go completely numb. I have to say Memories are like is happing over and over again, Thanks for the song lyrics u guys sure know how to make a person fee.

I love it | Reviewer: fatfighter | 1/31/10

hi, I am fat frm algeria, I looooooooove this song tooooooooooooooooo much, cuz when I listen to it I want to flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, to cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and when I was angry I say like chester " GOD !!!!!!!!*

What An AWESOME SONG!! | Reviewer: yomomma | 2/7/09

Wow. This song is really... sad. I can't even begin to feel how the person described in this feels, even with my crappy life... Anyway, as usual, Linkin Park does an awesome job being sensible and making KICK-A** SONGS! This is just an overall great song. Keep up the good job, LP!

i wish linkin park read these comments so they can know | Reviewer: jsolo | 1/7/09

linkin park next album should just be all matel and see how it goes than the next after that should be soft because numb,in the end, and shadow of the day which is all soft rock was amazin now there hard rock as in one step closer, crawlin, and givin up and bleed it out rocked out hard they should really do a matel album and than a soft i have all there cds anyway thanks LP for those great ass songs keep up the work

pretty good song | Reviewer: laura | 10/3/07

they've changed their style a little which i guess is cool but i liked their old songs better.I've also noticed swear words in this album which they didn't do before i don't have a problem with it i just noticed it

identify | Reviewer: saicho | 9/15/07

i really can identify with this song. its like this feeling which i really have now with this friend who is a girl i have. it hurts

yup horrible lyrics for a horrible life | Reviewer: KC | 8/20/07

too close to being true, feels like i wrote them, i should sue a piece of my heart is missing and i wish she cared

this shocks me~~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

this song let me know that i can't give up something i dreamed before~

great song !!! | Reviewer: vjp pro anny | 6/2/07

I like Linkin Park, this song , Given up, ROCK , great !!!

Good song, same style | Reviewer: Thinker | 5/25/07

Very deep lyrics, i love that, metal is a style of music with a lot of tragicism, and i think that almost all bands of metal style only care for image and they show like a hard-looking rockers. The thing that amazes me of LP is that diference, they can play metal and sing lyrics that talks about pain, scars and misery, these are sensible lyrics, a open hearted way of sing, and with reality. Y Play metal music, i must confess that linkin is my best influence, i love listening good music so i ll be listening LP, bye people
note: Im Argentinian

Amazing track!!! | Reviewer: Karan | 5/18/07

what a friggin song...really loved it...
this tracks a bit like da tracks LP made befoe...
I liked NO MOre Sorrow too!!!