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Performed by Linkin Park

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fan | Reviewer: hsn | 11/12/11

this song is a great piece of music.
the more i listen to it the more i become to love this song.
it sound like all tracks of linkin park somehow have an impact on every ones life. thats why linkin park got different type of fan i think they find linkin park a big source of sympathize, hope, and excitement at least thats how it worcked for me.

Forget Our Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/11

This song gives me some real power to forget all the bad memories,which I experienced through my 2 girlfriends!
They both wasted me a lot and then kicked me!
I like the violence in this song and Chester's voice is perfect for these hard words!
I hear it almost everyday!

just me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/11

There songs always help me deal with my problems of facing issues at school and at home 2 all those who refer to this song as them reminding them of a bad relationship this hits me deeper then a relationship because ive been through so much shit in my life it makes me feel like when i listen to them someone understands my pain

Exactly Shezzy. | Reviewer: someguy | 12/4/10

"This song is that one that we can dedicate to someone that canĀ“t appreciatte what they have, bneing selfish and useless in our life. Nice one."

exactly. also someone who tries to change us, which is selfish.

someone we need out of our lives... i told her to fuck off and go away 2 weeks ago. I followed this song and people, life is fucking awesome now. don't put your trust in the selfish. live your life without a leech described in this song.

or shellfish, you might be allergic :P

this song strikes deep in my heart | Reviewer: ashish | 7/24/10

this song reminds me of someone..who brought out the emotional side of me.her name is vandana sharma.she was very beautiful.but i always was rude to she's not around.but whenever i listen to this song i think of her nd kick myself for my foolishness

I like music and lyric | Reviewer: Yasin Cepeci | 1/23/10

My favourite Linking Park song is this. I never like irrelevant words in any song. This song lyric is perfect. Also sound of singer is very suitable with bass guitar. This is the best point. This song takes me away from regular life

What a french teen thinks bout this.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/09

Sometimes I just wanna throw these lyrics at someone's face, especially to a girl I used to love... But the problem is that I'm just a french teenager (16 tomorrow :D), and not alot of people around me could understand the real point of this song.. But I admire the brightness of this song, really... Each line is so true, and each line remembers me a part of my life, sometimes not the good ones ^^

deppressing | Reviewer: miranda | 9/10/09

this song has a lot of sentimental value to me i guess you could say. every time i hear it it makes me think of really happy times i wish i could go back to. this song brings back so many great memories. ironic huh?

vErY gOoD sOnG... | Reviewer: hAnD.oF.bLoOd | 8/26/08

you kn0w what? Theres n0t one linkin park s0ng i d0nt like, theyre all brilliant! this is definately a fav0urite am0ngst the fav0urites... And uhm i wr0te these lyrics to a girl i was t0taly in l0ve with...[n0t anym0re] c0z she just...Changed...And she wanted me to change...So yeah thanx linkin park...L0l and EK SMAAK JULLE MUSIEK STUKKEND!

awsome song | Reviewer: sascha | 12/7/07

this song rocks. Its not my favourite by them (pushing me away is my favourite by LP) but its still pretty damn good. It probably realates to alot of ppl

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