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Performed by Linkin Park

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this is not by the song its by the meaning | Reviewer: dinis | 11/25/09

This song is one of ma favorits not cause the good rock or else, it is by the meaning, it relates the preassure that we live on today, dayly routine, the miss of freedom tha we have and at same time we have fear to lose the miss of freedom cause, we need some one bigger( god, a president, a boss, wath ever)to put the responsability of our fault. because our "sence of confidence", who is very low,because we are so insecure, that who " crawl in our skin"

rock girl | Reviewer: cindy | 7/26/09

i love this song i like the part when he says theres something inside me that pulls beneath the surface and when he says without a sence of confidence im conviced that there is too much presure to take i can relate to those lyrics

great | Reviewer: cameron | 7/11/09

that guy dave right underneath me, he's completely right, this band you can actually relate with your daily life, and its emotions, unlike other bands who do only make lyrics just to make if for profit, with out even putting how they feel into it, that's why this is one of my favorite bands, and some other bands that do this is rise against, but they don't use as much emotion, just a little bit, and they do more of the daily life, how it's unfair. ect...., that's why this and that are some of my favorite bands

Amazing song, amazing band | Reviewer: Dave | 6/25/09

i really like this song because everyone can relate to it, as well as many other LP songs. like other comments said, i think what makes them so great is because ppl can relate to the music, and the lyrics are real, instead of just some bs lyrics just to make money.

Laughing at you all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

All of you who consider this song to be among the best ever written are simply tools. It's not about what's emo or what's rock, it's about what makes good music. You are all the laughing stock of this generation, so enjoy your time in the spotlight.

crawling | Reviewer: LP fangirl | 2/13/09

I feel like that girl in the music vid when I wear black eyeliner I feel like a different person. in the end of the music vid she washes it all off and smiles like its symbolic of returning to normal. and when the walls are trapping her, the bands song is melting them. I feel like all the LP songs help me with whatever I'm going thru!

Adore | Reviewer: Josie | 6/22/08

The video..The lyrics..
I relate to them so much..This is a great song. And no it's not emo or anything like that..It's a song that is actually meaning something. ANd what is wrong with emos..its their lifestyle..if theyre good like that..why not?

This Song Live Rock :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/08

lol everyone is a little bit emo in is Own way anyway, it happen to anybody to feel bad and to feel confused, or like crawling in is skin. So This song is just fucking nice, LP = my second best band ever after blink 182 :P lol

You tryed to take the best of me GO AWAY!

dude | Reviewer: EverlastingBeAt | 2/20/08

if anybody thinks this song is emo then listen up. You guys are obviousley new at listening and deciphering lyrics if you think that. This song has a powerful meaning and is one of LPs best. If you think this is "emo" look up the song The Cutters really rare song but that is true emo style. This is one of LPs most powerful songs i feel because i relate so much to them and this song should not be taken lightly because its meaning is worth a grammy.

THE BEST (or one of) SONG EVER! | Reviewer: Rin | 1/24/08

I'm into alot of rock bands, like Linkin Park, obviosly, TDG, MCR, Evanescence, and such. This is one of my favorites by LP, but my all times favorites are One Step Closer and Bleed it Out(which I happened to be listening to on my iPod a few minutes ago). Thier songs aren't quite emo, though they are often mistaken as such, they do, however have meaning. Which make's me like them.
And I don't know if it was meant as a joke, I think it was, but the ending of the song is "Confusing what is real"
Not confusing what is shit. I just heard that part, so I should know.

I LOVE THEM | Reviewer: JadeyKins | 1/20/08

Linkin Park are my all time favourite band and artist their music is sooooooo inspirational i can relate to them,,,.... when i am upset or angry i listen to their lyrics and realise that they know pain and hurt. And that is what i love about them they are real and their music i can relate to .

I love LP | Reviewer: JEZE | 1/16/08

you guys are right. some people think this song is emo, because of certain lyrics. but no, linkin park is no whre nere that. they are al about poetry in different sheets of music taped together.
plus not too may people like them because they are so infamous and mainstream. but they are one of the best. period. no one can say they are horrible. if so then they are just retarded.

Amazing | Reviewer: Shannon | 1/14/08

Linkin Park are one of my favourite bands for many reasons, but this song and Numb (my two faves) explain it most clearly, they have meaning and purpose, plus I can relate to them. They don't just write about the first thing they see, they write from the heart and that's why they are so amazing.

AWESOME | Reviewer: pathan | 1/10/08

The song's sang by the LINKIN PARK are just awesome, and they said the truth about the life. This guy's are really good, not just CRAWLING but all the song's sang by them. "YOU GUYS JUST ROCK."

I LOVE LINKIN PARK | Reviewer: Angela | 1/2/08

I really love Linkin Park. They have the most meaningful songs, and they all hide a message in them, so that's why I think many people get mixed up with it for being emo and all..they don't understand the message. Anyways, I love their music!!

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