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Lost cause | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

At this point, I think her career is a lost cause. She has messed up one too many times now. Hopefully she goes to jail like Paris. Maybe that will help her.

Lindsay. | Reviewer: Blondie | 7/26/07

I adore Lindsay Lohan... however, it makes me very sad to see her on a consistant downward spiral.

I pray she makes herself better. I know she can do it, I just don't know if she knows she can.

God bless. Get well soon, Lindsay! <3

Lindsay Lohan rulez | Reviewer: EviL_eYeZ | 6/30/07

lindsay its so cute, so sweet, i like her very much!! i love her :D !Her movies are the best!
and she has a very good songs, unfortunately i dont have all of them :(
anyone who likes her and want to share smth to PM me -->>

why? | Reviewer: girlonthemove | 6/27/07

dear all readers!
why does every celebrity teen end up so stupid?
linsday was a great person when she was young.
now look at her. being anerexic isnt a great thng to be considering when so many girls look up to her or corecting myself looked. a celebrity isnt hard. maybe being a teen is considering i am .changin yourself wont make you look cool its silly im blonde have freackles and im happy . hwy did she have to cover hers up ? as per usual celbritys like linsy or paris are clearly sending a bad message to young girls. what ever happened with being nice?
girl on the move

lindsay lohan changed | Reviewer: nicole | 6/8/07

i remember when lindsay lohan said that she would never change for noone but now she changes her whole personality im 13 and i would never change

---LindsayLohan--- | Reviewer: E l z i eBear | 5/31/07

Lindsay Lohan Rox..

I Love Her Films And Her Music
This Is My Most Listened To Song On ITUNES♥
Along With Rumours And Over By Her Too
I Watched Herbie Last Night :D

Its Awesome Plus
Lindsay Ur So Priity :P
Luurve Ya bbe.x
E l z i eBear :P

slm | Reviewer: aydın | 3/23/07

ı like this song but l didn't know her friends bought her old album and give me.ı took album after listened.while ı was listening to album, ı was very enjoying and happy.after that ı watch her movies all day.however,ı don't like some behavier but i decided to continious watch her all movies.ı hope she change behavier and again who one number acttress

my favorite artist at all | Reviewer: Gabriela | 2/10/07

well i just have to say that she is the best artist now she acts really great and she sings amazing, i will like if she make more movies and a few cd more.
my favorite movie was mean girls i really loved it, well i have al her movies and her 2 cd.

I'll like if she stop being like she is now cuz that make her a bad person, i totally will be disapointed on her if she is on drugs (i really hope she is not)

well lindsay go a make more movies for your fans please!!!!

She rocks! Out loud! | Reviewer: Liz | 4/16/05

Lindsay Lohan has been my favorite actress and favorite singer ever since I saw Freaky Friday. I watch her movies ALL the time. I have her cd. I know the lyrics to all her songs. I sing her songs in the shower. I would DIE to be her! Also- I read the other two reviews on her. One of them said she's sending out bad messages in her lyrics. I don't think so. In the song First, she says that her boyfriend is seeing someone he used to date and that she doesn't want him to see her. That's a perfectly fine message. In Speak, she says that you can have your own opinion, which is not a bad message. And in Rumors, she explains that rumors are starting about her and she wants them to stop. What's wrong with that? If you disagree with anything I have said, please email me at Lindsay rocks!

She's Very Beautiful! | Reviewer: Cherry | 4/10/05

I Really Like Lindsay, She is so pretty. But I Hope she will stop showing her body like that coz i really like her. I Don't want her to be bad. I like her the way she is... Lindsay's cool! ('',)

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