Limp bizkit is the best | Reviewer: Shishir khadka | 12/7/12

Whoever told that limp bizkit music is worst ...they pls suck my dick...coz they are the best best band and their music is diffrent from other band ...they got perfect drummer..keyboard samples ..and lead guitarist with the make up in evrry vdeos i just love them...

durst | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

fred is a snake i almost punched his teeth down his throat one night at jacksonville beach. Being the little pussy he is he said nah man come on man dont be that way he is a short retard who got lucky. Anyone with a hat on backwards and a few tats could have pulled it off. What kind of gangster spent time in the navy and has two very loving parents? I'll tell ya who a fake wanna be counterfit whos name is that of a dorks FRED DURST. I wish i went to school with him i would have beat his ugly ass daily and made him drink from the toliet. The only one with any talent in the whole band is john otto. If i was john i would beat the shit out of fred john deserves much morfe credit than fred retard durst...

sweet | Reviewer: Jamez Mazurek | 4/19/10

I grew up listening to Limp Bizkit and I still cant get enough of them. I own all of their albums and have almost all of their songs memorized too. I jam to them all the time.
LIMP BIZKIT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just anoda gr8 bnd | Reviewer: h14bucks | 7/6/09

i 1st heard of limp bizkit wen i was 9 or 10, i was impressed by fred's rap rock style vocals n dj lethal's mix, esp d metallica tribute song dats a damn gud mix. dey r just one freak of a band, i lyk almost all their songs ...

No | Reviewer: Rutger | 4/3/08

They're not the best band in the world. People who have listened to chocolate starfish & the hotdog flavoured water know this.

They are the best band in the universe. Different thing.

Every song just applies to what you're going trough.

fred durst sunk this band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/07

the music of limp bizkit is probably the best of the new metal era aside from slipknot. but fred durst sunk them with his awful lyrics awful rapping and his pathetic white boy gangsta bravado. that said hes a very good singer anyone who heard rearranged should know this. i think it should be said that results may vary felt like a solo act because the music lost its edge. i think with someone besides fred durst limp bizkit would have been amazing.

all over the place | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/07

limp bizkits first was great very hiphop wit sum korn sound mixedin not to mention a great george michael cover. signifigant other sux other than break stuff everything else is gay and sounds like vanilla ice. album 3 was awesome really hard hitting but dont get me started on results may vary that album is a mess. these guys are all over the place

Worse than even Journey! | Reviewer: Brian T. | 8/22/07

Limp Bizkit is possibly the worst band of all time. You kids gotta stop doing so many drugs.

like no other | Reviewer: mira | 7/29/07

no one argues that limp bizkit is the best band ever , never had my head blown like they do...
i am so god damn in love with them...

mind blowin | Reviewer: ron | 7/3/07

limp bizkit is da bst band iv eva heard, evri song makes so much sense, gr8 music n makes me express almost everyfin i always wanna say, dy r awesome

kuk | Reviewer: svenne | 5/30/07