I made a remix of this song | Reviewer: mars | 5/23/13

You know the first time I listened to this song I was like...shocked, man, what a song, And I never believed it was hidden. And also I wished it was longer so what did I do? I made a remix and made it longer. The intro and the ending and the stanza well I repeated it two times. Boys now I have a 6-minute song, Believe it I did it.

LB | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

I think it's not that long as we all want it to be, because it is said to be a "hidden track" ot something, attached to "Behind blue eyes" I think. Anyway, there are other songs of LB that I also like, but this one... It's something totally different, I agree. Much closer to "Behind blue eyes" ... And also like it, THIS ONE has a point, a meaning, a message. May be their most valuable song ever.

AHHHHHHHHHH | Reviewer: Whitney | 6/24/07


i absolutely love that song and i wish they would have made it longer;; i am in LOVE with a SONG;; and he sounds so fuxin sexy when he is singing it;; i just love it and i want everyone to know;; I LOVE IT;; it is absolutely amazin;;

<3 | Reviewer: OCTOPUS | 6/17/07

I am freaking in LOVE with this song. I wish it were longer.... :(

diggity | Reviewer: joshh | 5/9/07

seems that not many people wait for this extra, but i think its amazing, it differs from their "LIMP BIZKIT STYLE" and all the fuck you's, you know?