Lily stands out | Reviewer: lorraine | 7/31/07

Very original. Pleases every part you look for in a song and more. Her voice, her lyrics, and she's just a real gal. She has the same attitude as I do, and as many do, but they're afraid to voice it. I love every one of her songs and look foward to newer songs.

A good singer | Reviewer: yamileth | 7/21/07

Well, i think that she is very special , and she is so great , ´cuz her music is very stranger and very cute, and she so wonderful and is very cool.
so she is the best.

Loves Lily | Reviewer: jess | 7/21/07

I think Lily is awesome. i bought her album as soon as i heard Smile. I listened to it and fell in love with her style of music. she's so unique and i admire that. And she has no need to worry about looking or feeling fat, every girl goes through it. she is a young beautiful girl with a career ahead of her that she should enjoy. Plus i just have to say Lily's live performences are amazing no matter what anyone says and i love her mini =]

Love you Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the world needs a real ass woman like Lily =] | Reviewer: Megg | 7/15/07

I've always had a thing for deep music & songs that sang exactly what i was thinking, i don't hear too much of that these days. I love the fact that Lily isnt just another Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears. Shehas her own style & she's real. The world needs thatt! Love you Lily, keep doing whatcha' doinggg. because i'm lOVINg every moment ofit =D

rubbish singing | Reviewer: savithry | 7/14/07

I think that lily allen is rubbish i mean she thinks that she's the best,but really shes not ,becoz she says things about other singers[James blunt , Bobgildofh]and i really luv james blunt so get your facts right LILY ALLEN!!!! YOUR MUSIC IS SO BORING I COULD FALL ASLEEP.

Hello :) | Reviewer: Alexis | 7/11/07

Hello Llily, I'd just like to say that i have seen u live for the very first time and thouhgt u were amazing!. I had never really bothered about listening to your tracks before but when i seen u live something clicked, I really like the way you act and that way u dont give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks . . I also think you are beautifull, you have it all. I really hope i get to meet you in the near future :) because you are the best female singer ever . . Please write back xxx

Lily's mad skillz | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/7/07

Not really a review, but I just have to say, reading whay Lily has gone through is sort of an inspiration to me. Perhaps a semi-corrupted kind of inspiration but her lyrics really reach out to and teens or young women who get shit from a pathetic excuse of a man that doesn't know how to treat a woman. Cause I've been there, done that. Also the fact that Lily Allen actually looks like a real woman and human being. She's absolutely gorgeous! I think if more woman were brutally honest and didn't put up with shit or give in to unrealistic ideas of "beauty" we would have more respect from guys. I've never been one to listen to authority and I listen to this and I think "fuck it, this is my life. i'll go and do what i want where i want. i can take care of myself."

caa | Reviewer: camailaa | 7/5/07

i love lilly allen
she is so creative and interesting!
her songs are lively, and pure
she is absolutely coolª!ªªªªª

you rock babe innit | Reviewer: poppy | 6/30/07

i love u lily ever1at skkoll says i look like u hooray i love smileand not big they rock like u hunni can i ave ur msn pleeze u r fuckin fab babe i love ur nu 1 oh my god

LiLY ALLEN UR THE BOMBBB | Reviewer: Beckyyy | 6/26/07

Lily Allen... omg my friend just showed me ur songs Smile && Knock 'Em Out today && OMG i WAS LiKE... "She's AWESOMEE!!" i think its awesome that ur like ... everything i like.. ur british, u've got a great voice, u write the best songs,... ur everything i want to be! lol yeahh.. toodles! <3