<3 | Reviewer: charmarine | 6/24/07

i like alfie very much.
I very like her mv.
And Lily is very good
and lovely singer.I luv her!!

WOW | Reviewer: Laura | 6/19/07

This CD is awesome its just fun to listen when your having a bad day!

lily's ace | Reviewer: meg | 6/20/07

i think lily allen is great, me and my best friend absolutely love her, i have her album and can't stop listening to it. i love her style and the way she speaks her mind! can't wait for her next album

good lyric!!! | Reviewer: santi | 6/13/07

when the first time i hear her song "smile", then I just fall in love with the music, then i try to get the lyric, when i read it, oowwwhhh the lyric is so fun, meaningfull and great...

An oddball like me :) | Reviewer: Hugh | 6/12/07

Never heard of this girl until the other day when I happened across a video playing on one of the local music channels (Much More Music) here in Toronto. It was a curiously cute girl singing a catchy tune which turns out to be "My brother Alfie.." by Lily Allen. What a voice she has. Her range is incredible and the songwriting and lyrics are unique and fresh. I just read her online bio...quite impressive for a 21 year old ! I'm not sure what genre of music "Alfie" fits into. It's definitely pop oriented but with a fucked up twist. I'm intrigued by Lily's style and eager to hear more from her.

Astounding! | Reviewer: cher | 6/5/07

everyone's loving you here in cali! i grew up there in london, bedfont, so i'm definitely showing some love for you here on the west coast :) You bloody rock!! your music is astounding and makes me reminisce about the good ole' times with my friends...my favorite track right now is naive, all of your other songs are amazingly diverse and just blasting with flavor! when will you be back in Cali?


ur soooo good | Reviewer: hannah | 6/4/07

i hadnt herd ur songz till yesterday but they r awesum! alfie is rlly great and i loved the dress and shoes u wore 4 ur video. ur songs tell it how it is unlike most.

you make me smile! | Reviewer: soulsistahmel | 5/25/07

Well, I saw you first on SNL and was definitely intrigued so I went and found out everything I could, I found you on myspace and yer a friend now.. I love alfie! I even have one of your songs as my song on my profile! Keep up the good work and don't get burnt out eh? love the myspace page!

I LOVE HER!! | Reviewer: cara | 5/2/07

when i first heared lily allens music i was amazed at how much the lyrics to some of her songs conveyed my feelings! I like her music its really good and its original. she seems to not worry about offending ppl which i like.These days music is starting to sound the same and i hate because i love music so much and im glad someone came along with something new and different.

GReaT | Reviewer: thekillerqueen | 5/1/07

Hi there Im from Mexico, and just want to say!
Lilly Allen is the blast!

Ba bai!