i love lily allen eva since... | Reviewer: tarah | 7/19/10

i first saw her song called not fair, but i love all off her songs. my favourite song would be the fear because she looks really pretty and i love the lyrics. lol i wish i could meet her. she is like my roll modell and i will still <3 her even when she is 80. love ya lots lily ur no.1 fan tarah

lilly allen is the greatest ever | Reviewer: mallorykunkler | 7/2/10

i dont know when lilly allen was born , but it would be great to acualy meet her , i have a good singing voice myself and it would be nice for her to here it in person , but im crazy that would never happen , because she is a super star and im dome to even ask

Love her | Reviewer: Jasper Halt | 4/23/10

Great girl. I met her once. I am 139 years old. I don't have kids. I look like I am 16 and people at school make fun of the way I speak because I speak from my time era. Yea I knew her for 10 months then she moved. I loved her. Never had the guts to tell her. Now I'll regret it forever.

Ir's not fair | Reviewer: Karen Bourne | 9/2/09

I read that Lily regrets writing this song!! NO Regrets Lily. It's a fabulously honest song. Can you write one about how sick and tired us girls are of men lying to us and cheating on us even when they are not worthy!? Please never regret, Not Fair, it's one of my favorite songs in my 50 years of being alive. LOVE YOU Girlfriend!

loveable | Reviewer: rebecca ballard | 7/10/09

lilly allen is one of my fans i come from london and i love all her songs and i think she is a idol for her music i love listning to them because i am a singer and i love to sing them it gives me alot of ideas for my new songs. i have been on britains got talent and i am going on x factor next year and i am singing fuck you by lilly allen i love this song espesially because of my x boyfriend. i love lilly allens music her looks and her fashion inspires me she is my idol and i would love to be like her one day xx

Lily is a cool singer | Reviewer: Tiffany Todd | 5/17/09

Lily allen rockz!!! Ever since I heard her song the fear, she has been my favorite singer.I hope one day I'll be able to meet her.If she is ever touring in philadephia,you know I'll definately be there:)Luv ya lily:)ttfn

Liked You Since 2006. New Album..Amazing! Who Came Up With This Stuff? | Reviewer: Lewis Woodhall | 4/12/09

Hey!! I've been wanting to know loads about Lily because I have loved her music since Alright Still came out in 2006. I was wondering when this new album would come out and I bought it on the first day, it's bloodey amazing!! Who came up with this stuff??

A 21st Century Poet | Reviewer: Heidi Holmes | 2/17/09

I love your lyrics as well as the music but really quite amazingly now. I do however feel that english classes should be using your lyrics for GSCE's I think some youngsters will not understand the depth of them. I guess it doesnt matter as long as your packing plastic ??? perhaps lily will be more ethical as she gets older, I dont blame her

well done lily, impressed, PS my brother is a bear, hes funny, hes witty, and he loves his music,you'd love him, lives in london too, if you fancy a blind date, hes your man, perhaps a little too old for you though 34? heidi x

Ridiculous | Reviewer: james mead | 2/12/08

It is absolutely ridiculous that Amy Shitehouse is winning significant awards for being jewish and the extremely talented and unique Lily hasn't won anything for her excellent and original talents.

Uhh... Me! :D | Reviewer: Lily for ever!! | 1/17/08

I love her songs. All of them, but esphecially Friday Night and Everything's Just Wonderful. I would die if I met her in real life, though I doubt I'll ever do that; I'm in Aussie. :) Oh well, I hope she tours here, if so, I'll be there, definately. :)