Talented Singer | Reviewer: siti yusoff | 4/29/07

Lily Allen is reali talented.i juz heard a few of her songs n i can know that she is diff from all the other artist.no comparing over here cuz i tink that she is juz a unique singer.well done lily..i can't wait for ur new songs..

...you're fucking awesome... | Reviewer: *petra* | 4/26/07

...i didn't quite like it before but when i heard the cover of keane's everybody's changing...it changed whole thing...i love it...just love it...and alfie is great...just keep on goin like that...you're beautiful btw+i like you're style!

Young and awesome | Reviewer: CarolMariane | 4/26/07

I heard Lily Allen on Ellen DeGeneres' show sing Smile and it was awesome indeed. Her voice...the music. Loved her and it. :)

bad girl, bad girl... whatcha gon' do? | Reviewer: ~*Angi*~ | 4/22/07

Lily has become an OBSESSION! Just bought her CD and can't stop listening to it. She brings out the bad girl in us all. I looked up the vid for "Alfie" on YouTube and it cracked me up! Check it out if you get a chance!

Lily's voice is melody | Reviewer: Mark | 4/22/07

i watched the MV of Lily's LDN on TV firstly in March. now i have loved the song best. it's not only cute with rhythmic but also ironic with expressive.

Lily is my idol | Reviewer: Rubez | 2/27/07

I think Lily Allen is great. I love absolutly all her songs and its because her lyrics are so true to life. I like the way she doesn't make soppy songs about rubbish and that she uses her life experiance to write the lyrics. I think she is really tallented and when people say she is gobby, they mean she likes to say what she thinks which I think is a good thing. I reckon Lily will be around for a while yet and that she still has loads of wicked stuff to release.

=] | Reviewer: Baby Fratelli | 2/26/07

Aww I think Lily Allen's ace!!

I got the album recently and love it, cause it's so fun and you can dance around to,
Plus theres tonnes of stuff on it that I can relate to...

So yeah, this albums just awesome good. =]


Hiya thanks for your support xx | Reviewer: lily allen! | 2/10/07

hiya everyone im glad u love all my songs, ldn n smile n evry1 of mine songs were a pleasure 2 write cos i new one day i wud b able 2 play dem in front of my best fans!! I'd like 2 thank evry1 for their support! Well i've got to dash as ive got a new single- Alfie to promote i hope u like it!!! So if ya do start writin ur reviews in about it so i can hear what ur sayin!! lol!! love u all, thanks so much for makin my dreams come true!! Lily Allen x

she is great!!!!!!! | Reviewer: charlotte | 2/9/07

liley allen you are y idol i am 13 years old and love you i have your cd annd want to got your album!!! i know all the words to all your songs and they are excellent!!! kk buh bi x x x x x x

Exaggerating | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/07

Best songs ever ? hahahha you're funny.

One should focus not only on songs like LDN or Smile, but on the ones like Littlest Things, Everything's Just Wonderful, Friend of Mine, and Shame For You.

Interesting way she mixes styles to make something unique. Bye