LILY IS GREAT | Reviewer: Mccann | 1/11/08

HEY PEEPS. Yeah i think u r all right. Lily is GREAT. She has wicked tracks and a great style. I would love to meet her face to face. Not bin 2 c her yet. last time she came i found out 2 late and the tickests ad sild out (gutted). but am well loking fowrad to her next show! I will DEFFO b
Anyways, keep up the good work, love ya. chris Xx

me 4e life | Reviewer: sobia iqbal | 12/6/07

i think lilly allen is absolutely ace she is a fukn well cool chavy singer she deserves a loti love her song smile i think ur ace lily i hope u do well best of luck lovn ya all the wayxxxxxxxxx

Lily!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Grace | 11/8/07

I love your music! Did you write all your songs? My favorite one is LDN and Alfie!u r way much better then Britney bold head! love u Lily!!!!!!!!!!!11

I HATE YOU LUMPY ALLEN | Reviewer: JJ | 10/2/07

lumpy allen is a stupid cunt a powerless twat she only puts on that english accent she's scottish she doesn't know anything she's too young to drink alcohol she's just a FUCKING CHILD!

Like her | Reviewer: timo th | 9/25/07

Ever since I saw her on Saturday Night Live on the telly I liked her .........Why's the movement, it's the music and mostly it's just that formula of songs without complications. Terrificly good!! The band I give them 3 cheers !

LOVES LILY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lily Turley | 9/21/07

I FUCKIN LOVE LILY ALLEN(Sory bout the lanuage!)she has a brilliant voice and she is so down to earth!dats what i like bout her coz shes not like most famous people who think there fuckin great and act like like PRATS!!!!!!!!!!!lily seriously needs to come to ireland!!!!!!!+whoever sent dat review saying lily is a rubbish singer,just want to say your obviously a fuckin wanker saying dat bob geldof is gud coz hes a feckin twat!or as lily said a sanctimonious prat!!!!!!!!!

hiiii | Reviewer: amyleigh | 9/21/07

im a fan i looove your music i have your albums your shooo pwettii and down to earth i reli lyk you, your songs are funny and got meanings buhbiii x x

hiiii | Reviewer: amyleigh | 9/21/07

im a fan i looove your music i have your albums your shooo pwettii and down to earth i reli lyk ur your songs are funny and got meanings safe x x

lily allen be rockin' ldn | Reviewer: monique marie | 8/10/07

oh man...i love this artist she is so alive and full of favorite songs from her are london adn knock 'em out.shes an amazing singer..she is my favorite singer and i listen to her on my ipod.
wee woo

monique marie

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Not Telling ^_^ | 8/10/07

Lily Allen is a refreshingly outspoken singer, lyricist and is a welcome change from the usual simpering fare of many popular artists, both male and female. Go Lily!