Lily Rose Beatrice Allen | Reviewer: Jaime | 1/29/11

Lily, you couldn't possibly imagine how much i love you. I own 385 pics of you and have them on my walls. + the pics on my computer and phone. I would give up anything to touch you. You are my inspiration. I don't think you're amazing.. I think you're way beyond it. Xox

Lily Allen: Demented maniac, or superb song writer? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

My vote goes to #2! I just love how all her songs are so upbeat and peppy sounding, and when you listen to the lyrics, they depress you! It's funny! She could be a comiedian as well as a singer! Keep it up!

Lili allen iss.. | Reviewer: evelyn | 12/31/07

The songs of lily allen are nicee

me encanta lily allen =D
no lo fui a ver porque espero que vengo otra vez a argentina jeje

LOL! | Reviewer: Zay | 11/28/07

Lmao that was hilarious; I was in peals of laughter after hearing this song. Lily Allen really does have a way with words, doesn't she? Ha, well, hope to see more from you, Lily - you're superbly talented!

Pretty sure... | Reviewer: Keenan | 9/12/07

I'm pretty sure this is a spoof of 50 cent's Window Shopper song, the similarities are hilarious. Great job Lily!

hi | Reviewer: kika | 9/12/07

I love her songs.. nd her we are very close friends.. LOL! er... i have my whole flat with pics of her ... we've known each other since she had like 4 years.. and my mum and hers were BFF (are) and so my grandma so they are like 3 generations of frienship LOL i don't know if any of you that went to a concert saw me .. i went with her in every tour .. she says i give her good luck! LOL.. gotta go

Revie about Nan You;re a Window Shopper | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/07

All hail Lily Allen, lol, Lily u rock, all those ppl. who talk about her are jealous!!, Lily Ur my hero!!! Im 16 and when i gorw up i want to be just like u!!!!!!! Rock On!

lily | Reviewer: lanty | 6/5/07

lily is my fav singer she is allover my books at skl anf all over my wall she is the bst my mu always calls me a mini lily allen i hate girld aloud because they are mean to lily i love evry song she has they are so funny and funky lov lantyloo

' WINDOW SHOPPER ' | Reviewer: orcun | 5/29/07

hei all.. Who is the owner of this song, lyrics and music? Curtis Jackson (50cent), or..?

Its wkd and i love it | Reviewer: 20-chloe-07 | 5/8/07

well lily allen is wkd she is my favourite singer i think what ever song she brings out they are wkd and cool and funny well lily allen keep up your music and who eva starts sayin there are wrong bits in there isnt they are all lyin well bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx