can i be your baby mama | Reviewer: shenika smith | 7/11/07

Hi this is your gurl shenika and i am a big fan of you lilwayne I love you lil wayne.

sexy lil wayne | Reviewer: PAULETTE WALTON | 7/7/07

Well i think lil wayne is hot and hes the best rapper alive im his number 1 fan and always will be till the day i die i love you lil wayne keep doing your thing and let the haters hate sexi

x jay-Z weezy's tha best rapper alive | Reviewer: Desteny | 6/29/07

ay yo weezy you spit hot shit n i want you to keep it up your the best shit that ever hit the radios,internet,cribs,n streets. you got sum type of magnetic atraction when your hand hits dat mic and when yo feet hit dat stage. when we hear yo name to cum on stage niggaz no dat its a all yall fake azz gangstas too bad u shuldah grabed a pad n pen a while ago cause weezys been schoolin yall bitchez fo years!!!!

weezys baby | Reviewer: China | 6/29/07

ilove ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you ilove you u gonna have my baby u gonna have my baby holla back at ur gurl

WEEZY F.BABY | Reviewer: Chasity Torrence | 6/28/07

lil wayne is the sexiest man on earth and i'm your biggest fan i have all of your pictures and music oh i love birdman to. i just gotta meet ya.

He 1 of tha best | Reviewer: deanthony | 6/19/07

Yea dis de shid i'am from Dallas Tx lil wayne is the best when it comes to rapping but on tha real he aint no real ass nigga .But i respect him cuzz he goes hard

Wheey be Workin' Dem B****S!! | Reviewer: Nicole | 6/15/07

I'm So 504\Dem Hoes they mad Oh yeah cuz Wheezy is My Man! Represent Ya Hood! 7th Ward Hard Heads. F*** All u Hata's! you Gotta be from 504 to know what I'm talkin' Bout. Ya heard Me? And That's Wuz Up!

You hoes are crazy | Reviewer: MI$$ LO KEI | 6/12/07

Wayne is tha best, i can dig that but all this bull shit about being wifey and Mrs Dewayne MIchael Carter is unneccesary. you hoes need to get off the gas and just jam the dam music.

weezy is da man! | Reviewer: charlo | 6/12/07

weezy has ever since been the best rapper alive!!!! here in africa his the best ever rapper listened..... i wish he could come down to home, AFRICA...... Weezy we need you man! G.O.D BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

I love WEEZY F. BABY | Reviewer: shelby chisman | 6/6/07

lil wayne is the best rapper a live that u kno and i no so yall hate ass niggaz fall back .. i love lil wayne he is the best ya digg

The Love!!! | Reviewer: Lil' Wayne's Wife (Saidah) | 5/25/07

Damn, lil wayne is so sexy and his rap lyrics are off the chain. I have heard every single one of his songs and it is true he is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE everysince he was a lil nigga in da game...Lil Wayne is so sexy and I hope to go to one of his concerts very soon...I Love Him So Much, when people diss him I get mad because thats my baby so fuck juve, gillie,buck,jay z, 50,clipse,bg,and all them other nothing ass niggas that want to diss my husband......Love You Always from Your Wife Saidah

show you lots of love | Reviewer: MEME BABY | 5/10/07

my weezy baby is the one who is out there doin it big so i show him lots of love

he da best | Reviewer: charleston | 5/10/07

he's da best rapper alive and he freestyle mostly all his songs.go listen to his shit

WEEZY MY BABY WE GON HAVE A BABY | Reviewer: Shika | 5/3/07

you be killing on them songs. you and juelz make a good team too. and um... the way you talk bout it seem like you give good head.

This man is hot | Reviewer: Tramell Adams | 4/30/07

I really like Weezy F baby because he always keep it real. He spit the hottest lyrics so tight that have everybody rappin them in they sleep ya digg!!