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to the comment under me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/08

fuck 50 hes a joke, hes far from real, the only music he makes are club anthems!!hes not real to where he grew up like wayne,hes nobody compared to weezy,yea wayne makes club anthems to but he also represents what and where he grew up,basically cuz hes not a pussy like all of the g-unit pussys,basically biggie 2 pac wayne and game are and will forever be the greatest rappers of all time!!and if you think different then,actuallly listen to there lyrics and youll find out that there real

reply to that 1st comment | Reviewer: reply to that 1st comment.. | 8/22/08

MATE!!!!!!! u dunno what ur talkin bout.. lil wayne never said nuffin bout gettin tear dropz cuz he killed.. yer sure he aint as hard as 50 cent and shit.. how people u fink curtis jackson killed bro? none? MAYBE 10 maybe more eyz? its like me tellin u ive killed ten cunts when i havent.. or sayin ive never killed anyone but really killed 10 cunts.. ya just dunno.. like ur sed ur only 13 and dunno what ur spittin.. but dats aight, ya got years head of ya mane.. enjoy ya life bruh.. i respect what ya sed.. just listen to the words, read da songz title and ya get da drift.. but keep in mind what he raps bout mite be for dollaz not from heart! just like any normal rappa.. even tupac a biggie.. hellz even mah mane 50 cent.. g-unit.. OUT

stop hatin, get money | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/08

yo dis world is madd small. like u dudes r going crazy over dis new wayne shit. go back to old times when wayne was like 15 16 years old. like when he dropped hot singles like.... drop it like its hot, shine, get off the corner, the block is hot, stuntin (remix). dat was true wayne. thats when he was madd yung and was "fresher than a newborn" haha get it from gimmie that by chris breezy. but anyways. u dudes be going crazy and wanna be like him. and ur like ooo man lil wayne is madd blood and like he killed sumbody to get those teardrops. lil wayne aint kill nobody. in hustler musik he said...."i aint never killed nobody i promise ya" see so jus cu u respect him like god.. take note to what he says in his songs and then compare it to what he talks about in like interviews and atuff. man he tells lies and u dudes believe him. waynes my boy dough. i met him 3 times and like we chilled he told me sum things that i cant say. gave me his number. stuff like dat. but dats besides the point. but o yea one more thing. i hate saying dis tho. cuz i respect wayne wit my life but he is NOT the best rapper alive. how can u dudes say that. did u forget about everybody in WU-TANG CLAN, theres like 12 of them muthafuckas. hahah. Jedi mind tricks, immortal technique, tech n9ne, soulja boy (obvious joke). hahaha. umm who else.... jay-z. u can argue that tho.... who else.... ummm..... scarface, ice cube,mack 10, sometimes cassidy, mf doom. thats jus to name a few. nowbjus think about it. they all were "the best" at one time but now is waynes time. jus dont give him the crown jus yet beacause there is still plenty of time for yung dudes like me to come up and get big jus like him. and im only 13 (11/09/94). so dont listen to me if u dont wanna but re read what i said about lil wayne being blood and best rapper alive. and shit like that. think about it like. any body wit a red flag or red shirt can front like a blood. think hard about what i said. and im yung so maybe idk what im talking bout. but wayne was the first rapper that i ever heard sooo... but um. next time when u hear lil wayne. hear his music. dont jus listen, hear it and what hes saying. play it back 2,3 times and gather the informatuon about what hes talking about and compare it to the song name and see if he is talking about what the song means. cuz thats y u give songs names. to tell the listeners what ur talking about. so pay attention next time u hear him. like lollipop and a milli. like that doesnt describe wayne. in an interview with pete finch on youtube he stated that all his songs are gangsta. and at the end of the album u shuld be like thatas weezy. but the weezy i grew up listening to want talking about bloods and wasnt the best rapper alive and shit like that. he was jus weezy. u kno. but it w.e. ppl have their right to their own opinion. so its good. get back to me on dis one.. hhahaha STOP HATING,GET MONEY.!! weezy get back to ur boy...1

Great | Reviewer: Dat Dude | 8/9/08

Lil Wayne Is Great. Btw. Anyone Who Tries Saying Shit About 'Lollipop' Or Anything Else COMMERCIAL And Then Says Wayne Is Shit Needs To Get His MIXTAPES. Lollipop and Things That Type are COMMERCIAL. They Hardly Gonna Make A Video Or Reload On Radio Tracks Like I'm Me, Spitter, Damage Is Done, Hot Shit, Real Rap, Imagine, Etc Etc Etc

Come Correct

listen carefully the the Carter 3 | Reviewer: Dre Law | 7/17/08

outside of 5 or 6 songs the new album is at best ok. not much cohesive subject matter and lack of substance allow me to make such a claim. Granted the beats are nasty and they knock, real hard, and the song composition is phenominal. But to me it sounds like a well produced mix tape. too much freestylin point blank. The dude is talented, possibly the best freestyle artist to grace the game, but that doesn't make for legendary material. I predict in 6 months this album will be forgotten about. He proclaimed himself "best rapper alive" and yall bought in to it. Is he really though? In hip hop "the best" is subjective. you hip hoppers out there should know that. For that matter you could make a case for Fab of Juelz for being the best because their verses and their collaboration were far more entertaining. Sorry wayne riders but thats what it is!

I wanna join cash money [seriously] | Reviewer: Lil J if u didn't knew | 6/30/08

Wayne u r my favorite rappa and you've been my favorite rappa since da start,not like dem other dick ridaz who just decided to G wit u because of 1 song anyway ima a lil nigga(5/10/94)from da boot(Louisiana)who'z dream iz 2 be a rappa, i just left your concert n dat shit was fiya datz where i wanna be 1 day doin a concert in my home town.Just lettin u know dat u my idol and im problly yo biggest fan peace Ya Digg!!!!!!!!!

wayne is fuckin god | Reviewer: ben da wigga | 6/27/08

i got my answer as to when tha carter 3 is coming out right after writin my last post i saw the poster at fye and it came out 2 days later. i dont got it yet but ive probably listened to lollipop about 30 times in the last three days. lil wayne is my favorite rapper at the moment. i can take what flyer then u waz sayin i gotta give em respect for knowin anything about wayne before he hit big. i think ive already said this but hip hop isnt my main alegiance ive just started gettin really into it but it probably wont ever be the thing that dominates my life. i was too busy with other to pay much attention to wayne but i'm payin attention now. this here is comin from a onetime hater lil wayne is an absolute genius who is gonna be around for a long time. one thing though why do kanye west fans hate wayne and why do wayne fans hate kanye? i love both of their music though i would rather chill and smoke blunts wit lil wayne than hang wit kanye he is a fuckin douchebag kanye west. but you know it's been too long since ive been excited about where music is goin long term but lil wayne is bringin da hope like barack obama. lil wayne is god!

faker then a wrestlin move | Reviewer: flyer then u | 6/25/08

Man yall niggas just now listen 2 lil wayne I ben listen 2 dat nigga since b4 "back dat ass up" video came out yall just homo's dat jump dick 2 dick...all of a sudden he's ur favorite rapper, u c@nt wait 2 meet him, he's da best rapper alive, nigga please yall bitch ass niggas said dat shit bout da last rapper u was dick shoppin 4

love him or hate him | Reviewer: Sherry mcgill | 6/24/08

Yo this ya girl sherry from hky,nigga's dont need to hate on lil wayne. That nigga lyric's is the best thing poppin and always will be. Wayne just tell muthafucka's to suck a dick with aids on the tip and die slow.

respect | Reviewer: ben | 6/8/08

well i said if i changed my mind about lil wayne you guys would the first to know. i totally get what he is doing now. he actually isnt nearly as crazy as i originally thought. but one thing is tha carter 3 ever comin out? anyway he aint my fave but i do have new respect for him.

WEZZY F. BABY | Reviewer: BABY GIRL | 5/20/08


BEST THING EVER!! | Reviewer: Hailey Duty | 5/5/08

I love lil wayne he is a great artist, not to mention very good looking! well i love his new song lolipop, new fave song! but my all time fave is...white tee!!!!! and i just love the personality he puts into his the way he makes it his own, also with the way he puts things makes it less confusing!

yea im fuckin serious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/08

ok trouble a few things when i say i dont understand what wayne is doin i meant musically. lyrically i can understand even though his stuff isnt as much about the hood as you think how the fuck is lollipop about the hood? i make white people look bad? yeah maybe but not as much as you any black person who hears how you speak is gonna be pretty insulted man.

yea im fuckin serious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/08

yo trouble you say i dont understand what lil wayne is saying cuz im not from the streets dude yer white to you aint from the streets im pretty sure about that. and its people like YOU who make white people look bad when a real gangsta sees you on his turf and your dressed like him hes gonna be insulted and you might get a bullet popped in your ass. but back to lil wayne you wanna tell how LOLLiPOP is about DA STREETS? and also when i say i dont get what wayne is doin im talking sound more than lyrics you make the eminem comparison eminem is of the wall lyrically more than anything but that actually helps him. lil wayne you are only going to understand what hes doin if your on weed like he is. he really doesnt have any musical direction without weed and even with weed it isnt very good. i mean this is what he literally does he gets stoned makes a beat gets stoned again does crazy shit to the beat repeats the process 50 times gets stoned again and listens to all the tracks and decides what goes on the album thats the process. im still tryin to figure it all out if i change my mind yall will be the first to know.



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