ok...... | Reviewer: Kortney Williams | 1/13/10

so every one is a big fan of lil wayne... ok but every one doesnt need to be obsessed with him... its a lil weird :) but for real there is more to life than sitting at a computer and blogging about how overly obsessed with him u are

the best | Reviewer: Josh | 12/1/09

we can talk old school new school whatever. Weezy is the best rapper alive. He's not even saying he's the best ever. He's the best rapper ALIVE! and he proves it everytime he puts out an album. or gets on a song. he is purist. he is the best. and he'll be my favorite forever.

Young mula | Reviewer: Solomon Bryan Ekwalla jnr | 11/17/09

Hi weezy am geting crazy about u.i just wanna b like u,sing with u.because of u am da best rapper in town.i luv ya birth man & i wanna get in contact with ya.pleas i wanna b like ya.1 spirit 2 ya all.here my contact-+23779596403,solomon.ekwalla@yahoo.com.
Luv ya baby & weezy
By solomon E.
From cameroon

MY HUBBY 4LIFE | Reviewer: kiya | 9/30/09

There's no question about it. The Bayou is the birthplace of the new hip-hop. Rap for the next millennium. And now Blaxuede (pronounced Black Suede) comes out of New Orleans spitting lyrics so hard they'll verbally slay any contender, a flow so smooth it lulls a baby to sleep, and beats so tight they make an Expedition hop. Blaxuede's self-titled debut album IN STORES DECEMBER 14TH, on Avatar Records, showcases a style that will make even rap veterans sweat. "Bring Da Pain" is the first single of the LP's 17 cuts to hit the streets. Featuring Lil' Wayne and Young Turk of the hit-making Hot Boys, "Bring Da Pain" puts all fake MCs on alert. Blaxuede rhymes: "Now I Done Warned You/ Not to Battle Me/I Leave More Casualties Than the Dolla Bills in Your Salary...Ain't No Stoppin' The Black." Produced by Infamous and executive produced by Ray Vincent, Blaxuede, will appeal to hip-hop fans beyond the South. "I have songs for the East, West, Midwest, North and South. I want my album to reach everyone," says Blaxuede. Track after track, Blaxuede, spans regional tastes. B.G., also of the Hot Boys, hooks up with Blaxuede on the defiant "Don't F**K Wit Us." "I liked what I had heard from the Hot Boys and thought it would be great to work together," says Blaxuede. Blaxuede slows down the pace with "Da Sheetz." Utilizing the Isley Brothers' classic, Blaxuede romances his girl on the track. The cut's more about love than lust, a novel sentiment in contemporary rap. "I don't go around calling women bitches and hoes," says Blaxuede. "I don't talk like that in real life, why should I on records? That's not how I was raised." Of course, Blaxuede had to include a shout out to his hometown. "N.O. Be Da City" flows with full Southern flavor while "Dreaming" takes you on a jazzy, surreal journey. "Dey Don't Kno" warns fans and critics to sleep no longer on the "504" a.k.a. New Orleans. Blaxuede's favorite track, however, is "The Only Lady." Following 2Pac's lead, "The Only Lady" is an ode to Blaxuede's mother. "She means the world to m

You are the one !!!!! | Reviewer: Dimpoles | 7/13/09

firt let me say im a big FAN!! of lil wayne he is so alsome in everything he do down to the way he dress everything is on point with Wayne i have four tattoos and if i had one wish it will be for lil wayne to do my last tattoo of my MOther name that pasted away in '96' Rip But on Some happyier things im a DEAD_LOC specialist And i will love to do LIL WAYNe Hair or just be able to touch it LIL WAYNE YOUR ARE THE BEST FUCK THE REST BABY KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BLESS YOUR LIL GIRL AND YOUR SON(THE THIRD)AND BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Fan to Lil' Wayne | Reviewer: Edwin Saviour | 6/9/09

Hello, Young Money,
am your fan in Nigeria was up naggi was going on in the state there men am grazy about you the way you sing and rap men your the bomp i will like to get in touch with u.

Edwin Saviour
A K A Rider.

best friend | Reviewer: jasmine p. | 6/1/09

lil wayne i have been listening to your music and the first time i saw you i said "the best rapper alive no, the best every thing ".You know how people say "im your biggest fan." nooooooo stop it beacause i truely really will prove that i an your biggest fan love ya peace

I love ur SEXI body!! | Reviewer: Kayla Brown | 4/15/09

Lil Wayne,
I love ur music and i inspire u alot. U have the sexiest body ive ever seen. And ur music.... umm! Its da shyt! I love u and ur music and i hope 2 meet u oneday.
P.S: Keep ur head up and keep makin dat gud music.

reply to the 4th comment | Reviewer: lil wanye fan | 2/26/09

lil weezy is real and u cant say hes not cuz u dont no him and how do u no what he did and didnt do u arnt his momma r u didnt thinks so so u better watch ur words before u go spreading things around cuz wat if they r real and wat if tat stuff did happen so just watch wat ur sayin before u say it or type...LIL WEEZY ROCKS!!!!!!

Weezy F. Baby | Reviewer: Karolyn Vercher | 2/6/09

Ok Clearly Every Person Writing has their own point of veiws on things... Yall cant be mad at him for doing what he do best and that RAP! everything he talks about is about his life or some shit that has happened in his life... basically if you think about it people was sweatin him when he like 16 but just not as hard as they do now.... he has earned his way to the top....people say the nigga is fake he tryna jump on rock now... but if u really stop and think about it lil wayne is smart for that... he is thinking big money... if rock is where all the money is at then by all mean he can do what he do.... lil wayne is clearly the BUSINESS yall just dont know.

one of the best rapper alive no doubt. | Reviewer: mrs. carter <3 | 2/3/09

He is one the best rapper alive. He also is sooo sexy! anyways he gives hope to the people that are going through the same struggles as him. He can help anybody through their day. People may say his lyrics are too bad or volger. I think he just expresses his mind and makes money from it. How you going to blame him for that. Again he is the best rapper alive along with tupac,biggie and some other greats. if you have a problem then deal with it. Im baby is making his money and telling how is feels. What a life ya know?

Cash Who? | Reviewer: Jimmy | 2/3/09

Way to many people tlak about lil wayne now of days. Lets not forget bout that real old school shit, yea he was startin young but he has bean out for a long time now and he just got big, wu tang, eazy, dre, snoop,2pac, people forget bout some of that old school westcoast shit, which no1 can hate, ppl jsut need to stop thinkin he is the best...

lil wayne is fake | Reviewer: young silent | 1/19/09

lil wayne is fake tat nigga never did most of the shit he said he has look at his bacc ground nigga he's another game and plies tat trys to act hard but aint tellin there fans the truth about their selfs but don't get it twisted I haven't heard a song tat lil wayne made tat I don't like but nigga lil weezy would be the best rapper alive and the hardest if he really told the truth about his life instead of lyin to the people tat listen to him so keep tat in mind but keep doin wat u doin weezy f baby and kicc cacc and cee cool ONE

lil weezy | Reviewer: Jessica | 12/17/08

lil wayne does bomb songs nd album!!!! well 50 cents does 2 but 4 mi i'll pick lil wayne cuz he has better backgrounds den 50 cents ... they come 4rm different raps dat lil wayne has more experciene den 50 cents... 4 mi 50 cent just makes songs dat go wit clubs nd lil wayne gets songs dat make ppl think nd srop makeing bad things....!! 50 cents movie was bomb nd made mi think better in live well dis is wat i think of both nd lil wayne is the bomb!!!!

lil weezy is talented bt cnt beat 50 cent! | Reviewer: brian05 | 9/28/08

i realy dnt thnk lil weezy Cn beat 50 coz ths guyz belong 2 different classes of rap, lil is gud 50 cent is also gud on his side. 50 cent wil always b hot! besides ths guys cum 4rm different backgrounds! hv respect 4 the black nigga!!