love it | Reviewer: Jolyn | 3/25/10

Hey lil rob! i love all your music and i have all your albums. My favorites are the oldies and you know how to keep it true! I would love to see you in Nuevo Mexico! Your songs bring back firme memories of my summers in Las Vegas, NM. Te Amo Carn!

LiL ROb | Reviewer: lAdY CuEtE<$ | 3/23/10

damm lil rob i fukken love yuhr music;& all them haters yuh gott outt there ignore;i jstt hate how ppl spread that rumor boutt yuhr dead butt we idk wutt to think;all i know is that yuhr music will always beh heard no matter wutt♥

MR.LIL ROB | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

Lil Rob i've been behind your music since i ever heard your first song since then i knew you were the real deal because there isnt that many chicano rappers out there that get down with their music like you but i would honestly like for you to do some oldie remix's like the old days even though i respect your music of right now because it has more radi0 play i think you should still kick up some gangster shit like you used to when u were berly coming up..well congratulations to u and much respect

Mr. 1218 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/09

Damn Lil Rob i have all ur albums. Me & my homies we just go around driving & crank dat shit up especially my FAVORITE song of all time "FAST LIFE" WWWWOOOO me & my homies we crank dat song louder den n-e-other song it's da shit.....!!!! well keep on wat chu do best & i got ur new album LOVE & HATE wen it came out i got dat shit 1st den n-e-other person!!!... TRUE BROWN PRIDE VATO

Word! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/09

You have certainly created a very unique style. The talent that you display is excellent. I must say, you have all the qualities it takes for one individual to succeed in the music industry. Hopefully, you will start a new, and many young people will follow your clean and classy style!!!

L.R the gr8 | Reviewer: J.U.V | 11/5/09

A man wats up lil rob dam homie ive been listenin to ur music since i was a kid man n its seems like ur shit just gets better 4 instant fan mail,smile, summmernites, its all good man i remember when summernites came out me n my homeboys wud bump thats shit everywkend just kick back n drink.There aint a day that i dnt listen to ur music.I never thought it wud happen this rappin stuff now they're written letters cuz they miss well keep its up man from a homie n a fan

yesenia | Reviewer: yesenia | 9/16/09

you are the greatest guy i ever met and also the finest. I hope i get to meet you some time and also hope you come to chicago so you can meet me. Love,yesenia lol

lil bullet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/09

ei whatshappening. i like your new songs men, like fan-mail. but i dont know why dont you put that song in 1218 pt 2 disc. but, its cool eather. that song cortez shoes really inspires me to make some rimes about my life too you know.
ei, hope you can come to mexico some day.

Ju da fckin best !!! :) | Reviewer: Danielita | 6/11/09

Damn lil rob ju da best I really wish I could meetchu me encantan tus canciones ju stay true to all jur shit and dats wats up homeboy u make me feel better when I'm down and make me think straight y tambien dices la verdad del amor duele mucho :( ..keep writing dem songs echale ganas! Ju should come dwn here to nc ... Hope so but anyways love ya !!

my opinion bout lil rob | Reviewer: gabriela ortega | 5/26/09

I love lil robs songs.... I listen to them all the time.!! They aint bout having sex all the time and shit.... they help me calm down... they actually give me an inspiration to write my own... I think there should be more artist like Lil Rob..... He's a down ass vato...

Lil' Rob (The King of Latin Hip Hop) | Reviewer: Armando Rocha | 5/12/09

Just droppin by to show some respect, your everyday lifestyle incorporated in your lyrics is wuz up. I like the way you brought yourself up from nothing, and sharing your struggle throughout your music life in your songs will never be done the same way. L R the great, one two one eight,... I've been inspired by your music to be the best I can be,.. so Im working on a label for my clothing line, I've decided to use your 1218 idea and call it 118 for my initials.,, Keep making killer Jams.. Peace.!!!

love your music | Reviewer: ashley | 4/18/09

hey lil'rob i love your music, i listen to it all the time, my favorite songs are SUMMER NIGHTS and CAN WE RIDE.My family loves listening to your music. i wish i could meet you,it probably sound stupid but i really do.well i wish you the best!!!

love ashley :)

your raps are the best/Reviewer;Eduardo cruz 3/17/09 | Reviewer: Eduardo cruz a.k.a lyrical | 3/17/09

Lil rob is a rolmodel or insperation to me because i keep on freestyling rap and his songs are really insperational to hear and how talks about his life,so lil rob keep on writing more songs and more music videos.

little rob is the shit I love him a lot and the way he rapps | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/3/09

I like the way you rap. I wish you had a consert so that I could go to it. You are the shit when you sing your songs. Some of them tirn me on and all of that. You know the one that talk about fucking

ur da shit homeboy | Reviewer: sergio sanchez | 12/28/08

dames wat can i say, ur keep in it realls all da time i like how ur spitting ur game in "Linda mujer" and u best belive dat shit ha,,but ur songs craks and you keep doing wat ur doing caz a lot of da homeboys likes ur raps. i like ur songs caz i feel ur da one who reprisents da reall old skool raza! truzas