MY BABY | Reviewer:>Emily | 3/1/10

Oh! my word, I just heard the song four days ago when my sister had boudht the "New Jack City 2" album. The performance on stage was amazing an reflects exactly the same to my vision, happening to me, that I had last year. It sounds unbelievable but true. I am emotionaly touched that someone can write a song that reflects exactly the way I had a vision about it. I am Emily from South Africa, and I thank the writter for writting such a beautiful song.

amazing | Reviewer: E-Lane | 1/12/09

This song is so amazing This is exactly what I am going through my man is a complete jerk and I have been talking to this other guy thats just dying to be with me but Iam so loyal to my man what an amazing song

bow wow feat jagged eged | Reviewer: cassandra | 1/10/08

i like dis song is good and its good and right for a couple dats going through sumthangs and i also think dat is song will da problem dat they r having.


grezzy song | Reviewer: mari | 12/1/07

yo bow wow my this girl was cryin so i went to cherr her up and her man beatin her so she wanted 2 get wit me then she went bak to her old man then he beat her agian so she came runnin bak to me. me and u r goin through the same thang

the beest <3 | Reviewer: adelina | 6/5/07

when I heard this song I started crying. I really love it . </3

snap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

this is the same thing im goin through the man breaks her heart she come back to me with a broken heart that i gotta mend...

pebbals | Reviewer: selena | 5/5/07

BOW WOW u r soooo freakin SEXYYYY!!!!! AND THAT SONG ITS THE BEST!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

One of da best songs ever | Reviewer: Jay-Cobb | 3/28/07

This song is legendry, its one of all time best songs. The writer demand some respect coz dats some brain to be honest. How i wish the lil' guy wrote it.

brilliant | Reviewer: lianne | 7/27/05

this song is absolutely brilliant!! best song been written in a reeelly long while!

amazing | Reviewer: hana | 8/11/04

this is the best song that has ever been made!!!!!