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The Mafiaest chick you"ll eva meet..... | Reviewer: ikeisha_ Ya Distant Lover So Many Miles Away!!! | 3/31/10

Man Man Man..... I dont even know where to begin, this is your DISTANT LOVER, miss IKEISHA so many miles away, yeah TORRENCE HATCH distant lover. why you Thug me like that! I cant help but love you, because you are the TRUTH, betta yet so TRILL and gutta..I love a man that love his kids aswell as his family, cant waite till you TOUCH DOWN and hit this FREE WORLD, beacause you dont deserve to be in that JUNGLE. We need you out here droppin that GANGSTA MUSIK, beacuse you're SUPER BAD! Baby ya girl love you soooo much it time for them to release the YOUNGEST OF THE CAMP so you can tell your GHETTO STORY, FOR MY THUGS...Baby i love you so much keep ya head up and may GOD continue to BLESS you and your family always your #1 lady miss IKEISHA 4RM:Los Angeles, living in Houston Tx,to be closer to you, 22 and im fine

my favorite rapper | Reviewer: Bo Gix | 3/17/10

say i'm from Monroe, Louisiana and niggas been listenin to yo music for a long time cuz we can relate, i joined the Marines cuz i had to get away before i ended up dead or in jail and i can't take care of my son like that. but man i hate u gotthem charges and nigga can't wait til u drop some mo shit, nigga don't listen to nuthin but that trill fam and wayne.. boosie and webbie ya'll niggas my favorite rapppers u niggas like fire and ice, be easy homie... keep ya head up.. oh yeah man " i neva thought this pain could last this many years," i lost my mom and 1 of my closest couzins in 07 and my nigga i been knowin my whole life easy

fuck wut dem bitchs talkin i da only MIZZ HATH on ya! | Reviewer: IM DA ONLY MIZZ HATCH | 3/5/10

Boosie i been a fan since i first hear ya voice,boosie ya turn me on! i got a thing for real niggaz an u one of the realest! i done heard every one one ya songs an know em word 4 word lke i wrote dat shit u da truth babe i could listin to ya albums from top to bottom, when i high up u put me in da zone real talk i be feelin u word 4 word,you need fuck wit a real bitch cause this bitch luv a real nigga like u.ima get u one day!!I LOVE U BOO!!!!

Holla Back | Reviewer: jenniferdurandisse | 12/16/09

Boosie is my favorite rapper he make me feel good everytime i hear his voice blaring through any speaker. I recognize his specailty and talent. His voice stands out from the rest, he keep it real to the point where he still humble regardless of how far he has come. I FEEL YOU BOOSIE.

"I know I'm a day late" | Reviewer: DazySmiles | 11/15/09

what tha bizness is baby as you already know i love everything about you from head to toe. We have not had the chance to meet as of yet, but i ain't worried because i got patients. Oh yea, HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY MR. DARK CHOCOLATE.

the_wifey_superbadd | Reviewer: khayla bad azz | 11/12/09 baq aqain showin yu sum love. i knw yo b-day dis saturday. everybody keep sayin u qta do four years but i hope it aint dhat lnq. lmfao. everbody wna be Mz.Hatch huh. dhat shxt super dead ! im always qne be wifey fah lifey. fuk yu mean ! & enuff said. ducesz.

fck friendz.friendz trun in busterz | Reviewer: baby de | 11/12/09

wuz up boosie boo. I ben a fan for years yhew wrote dat shit cold blood it go so dam hard.fck friendz.friendz trun into busterz mamma gon tell u when dat nigga aint rite mamma no cuz she pray every night im lyke yhew i wash mii handz wit all thiz pussy shit

I LOVE YOU | Reviewer: THE REAL MRS HATCH | 10/29/09

To let all yall know im MR.HATCH wife his backbone his bestfriend and his all he need im gone miss you when you go do ya bid and you know im going to keep that mail flow daily I am the true #1 bossie fan

the_wifey_superbadd | Reviewer: khayla badd azz | 10/26/09

uhm...where do i start. well i been in love wit yu fah past 4 years and cnt wait tah meet yu ! i bouqht yo album "Superbad" tha day it came out.[Sept.15]. im jus waitin fah yu tah qet out and make sum mo muzik...and jus so yu knw im tha real mz.hatch && yo only #1 fan. kno dhat !

Whats u | Reviewer: T. | 10/18/09

What it do Boosie?
I just wanted to drop you a line and give you your respect. Your music is just what the rap game needs right now. Please don't stop puttin out that gangsta shit. I can't stand listening to that commercial rap. I know its about getting your name out there on a natonal level so sometimes you have to be on the radio but you keep it gangsta. Thanks for bringin that fire!

i love yo black ass ! | Reviewer: tyler'nicole | 9/8/09

man i love boosie black ass shit he say is so real boosie tha shit he almost all i listen to matter ah fact as i type im listenin to [TWO WAY LOVE AFFAIR] this song is true as hell for me right now i got it on repeat !!! shit he say touch the hole hood real talk i was at the back to school concert in indianapolis at the state fair grounds wating on boosie i was so happy to see him it was my first time i had to shead a few tears !!! i love you boosie with cha badd ass !

Aloooooot of love 4 ya..... | Reviewer: Ms. Admirer #1 | 7/22/09

Nigga i am typing u messages on every website i can. I dont claim to know u but I definitely feel u. I have been to i dont know how many of ur shows VIP. But everytime i get that close i dont try to get at u. So many females be On A Nigga! Lol. I assume a star is only looking for one thing when a female is throwing herself out there. So i just admire you from the other side of the room. In all your music i feel your heart. You can rap about a drink can wit passion. Lol. If you need someone to pray wit u or just talk to u can call me. 9012895146. Im from Jacktown. Currently in Memphis for a minute. God is Love.

Admirer #1 | Reviewer: Shawty | 7/20/09

Hey boosie boo. You dont know me but u have definitely seen me. I b at alot of your shows VIP. But im not a groupie hoe so i dont be fightin to get to u. Everyone knows how much i love you as a person though. I feel you in your music and when you speak. Me and my people love the way u show love for Jacktown my home. Im currently in Memphis for a min. Prayin 4 u boo. Holla

A thug Azz Nigga | Reviewer: khiara white | 4/14/09

wat it do boosie this your gurl khiara i been a fan of yours for ever man you speak on some stuff i can relate to i know all you songs by heart it dont make no sense my family say im a groupie but i tell they that they some haters i from georgetown south carolina. you got a lot of fans down here but i think im da biggest people think gucci and wayne is the best but if i catch somebody saying that they got me to deal with. Cause i know who the realist be. If i could chill with you one day my nigga you would know my whole life story. Yo you the one that made me a savage cause i aint never use to be like this tell i heard a couple of your songs. yo i love you and your music and can you do me two favors. 1:continue keeping it real and doing a good job and 2:halla at ya gurl aka your young savage

I want you so damn bad | Reviewer: Ashley | 3/12/09

Boosie I have been a fan of yours for along time now I like the way you look ur music an the way you just plan oh you I would love to meet you in person just to say hey an give you a huge I love that your music is about your life an thats why you got me on your side cause you are not try to be somebody your not just you an your music mean something people can relate to you an your music I have mad love for you an what you do I feel in love with you an ur music No lie where I am from most people go for lil wayne not me I am for LIL BOOSIE

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