Lifehouse is truly my savior | Reviewer: Desiree | 4/6/05

Lifehouse is an incredible band. I can't believe i have had the opportunity to be introduced to such a deep band. Their music is so deep and mellow and relaxing to listen to it brings me to a far off place that i never want to leave. I can really relate to their music and it has helped me through alot of hard times. When i thought i was really going to break, it helped me to deal with my problems by listening and escaping from all my worries and my depression. Jason Wade's lyrics are so beutiful and the mood that the music itself puts you in relaxes you and calms your tired worried mind. Like "Everything" for example, it is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard in my life...and i cried the first time i heard it, and still, to this day it brings me to tears at times. That was the first ever time i cried because of a song, but when you hear something that beautiful it strikes a nerve in you and touches you deep inside where nothing can really reach. I have an undying gratitude toward Lifehouse, the band truly has changed my life for the better more than anyone will ever know. Lifehouse will always be playing in my headphones and in my heart and that is a promise. I have listened to the songs a million plus times and each time it feels like i'm hearing it anew because each phase of my life that i go through, it has a different meaning, and because you never get tired of true beauty and Lifehouse has created so many truly beutiful songs. I have all their albums and will continue to be a fan until the dreadful time comes when they are no more. I hope Lifehouse has a very long career and that they make many more great albums. They have shown me true beauty really does exist and all i can say is...Thanks.

Keep Trying | Reviewer: Alonnah | 1/1/05

I have always loved Lifehouse and their music. They combined "love songs" with classical rock and I love it so much. But the problem here is that their songs don't air on the radio anymore, in fact now that I think about it, I dont think I have ever heard a song of theirs played on radio. It has been a long time since they were a hit and I don't know if they gave up and went their own directions, but I strongly think that if they keep trying, they will get another great cd out on shelves and be a hit to the rock and roll world!
Keep trying where ever you are Lifehouse!
I love you!

True fan,