Keep On Keeping On | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 6/11/14

Honestly, there probably isn't too much to say other than these guys are just an all around stellar band with absolutely thoughtful lyrics that quickly get to the heart in almost every song. They know how to tone it up and get a good raw crunchy grind going and then they can get quite colorful riffs. And even after that, they'll still bring it down just a tad more to get to the acoustic songs. Great stuff, keep pounding it away.

lifehouse band is the best | Reviewer: sadie wallin | 1/7/13

i think that lifehouse is the best. i listen to you guys all the time there is not a minute of the day i dont. i cant stand that they dont play it on air i agree with all my friends it does suck. this band is the best i love the song choices. i love all the songs there is not one i dont like. i love you guys your the best.

true fan
sadie wallin

Lifehouse Rocks | Reviewer: Alisa Karter | 2/25/12

I love Lifehouse. They rock. I've been listening to them over the past decade and beyone. Yes I know and respect that JAson Wade is married, but he was my fantasy teenage dream, my heartthrob, like Nick Carter used to be, they look alike. JaosnWade is hot, and even with his new albums he still rocks andhis new bleached-blonde California surfer boy look he still looks cool. I love their music and I can relate to itr. My parents divorced in my teens too, so Jasona nd me have alot in common. And a divorce is a very big iompact on any teens life. I write poems and songs about my parents divorce and play the guitar. Eventhough he is a ,male, he is emotionally my role model, in songwriting, lyrics, personality, and music playing. A very good and positive influence he is. HE isn't a drunk or a druggie like many other celebrities out there like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton (met them both) Mr. Wade doesn't seem to snobb either or follow hollywood trends. He's intellegent and likes to be himself. HE makes the band, as band memebers kept changing throughout the years of the decade from 2000-now I can believe they still survived like the chilllie peppers and matchbox20. No comparison though. And I see no comparison to Lifehouse and Pearl Jam, but I do see a comparison to Creed and Lifehouise though, rain drenching lyrics, emotional (emo)but not gothic or/and punk. Lifehouse inspires me, so does Alicia Keys, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Backstreet Boys, Anastacia, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Shania TWain, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swiftm Miley Cyrus and more. I'm not an obsessive Lifehouse fan, but I do hear their music on the radio everyday a they ar so popular. They are like a boy band, and a rock band. Their rock/pop tempo makes me dance in my soul, because I'm too shy and scare dto dancein public, infact I can't dance, though I can sing. Jason is so cool, he doesn't dance either. The ghuitar makes him even cooler, aqctually ice cold, no matter how he ages or how his looks changes for the good or the bad, I think the lyrics have great ettiquette and he gets his anger and emotions out on pen and paper in a healthy way. Since Hanging by A moment I heard in a car commercial - I think chevrley, I can compare to Americna Pie - by Don McLean, right away, I googled on AOL the osng and band, and I knew it would be an instant hit. When I firt heard it I thought it was the goo goo dools or third eyed blind, but no a new band that shall suyrvive the century. They will kepp making music my belief system tells me. Hanging by a moment, sick cycle carousel, halfway gone, fallin in are all one of my favorite songs. I like the rest, but those are my choices. Once I heard their music, and saw their music videos I knew they rocked and will rock our socks off, any Lifehouse haters or whoever disagreeese poo on you. Whoever agrees. Kudos 4 you. Plus Lifehouse beats Eminem, Katy Perry, Lady FGaGa, and omg erspecially JKustin biever who I hate more than anyone els ein the industry. Rihanna is cool. But I saw lifehouse live once in 2007in six flags while I saw Rihanna in 2006 in nothern star arena in six flags. Lifehouse sounds better live. They sound good on record too. They make the best of the videos. they don't have machines making their singing voices sound better and lip synching like Britney Spears and Jessica Simspon, no comparison whatsoever, whoever they are up against on the single top 40 charts, thneir music is a different planet from Britneys, were talking apples and oranges, and Pluto and mars. Lifehouse keep rocking on forever, I wish for you!!!!!!!!!!

~xoxo Alisa Karter xoxo~ rock on

awesome! | Reviewer: dio | 12/26/08

I really love the songs of lifehouse... I first heard their song in my friend's house and since then really see to it that I will hear their songs everyday.. It is really inspiring to hear such kind of songs especially the EVERYTHING, it leads me realizing that I am lucky to have God with me. Thanks to the lifehouse...

Beautiful people, brilliant minds | Reviewer: Jamie | 9/30/08

For as long as i can remember i have always liked Lifehouse's songs. There was never one i didn't like, or one that i didn't care for any less strongly then "i looovvee it!" I never really put it together how much i liked them until my friend ponited out one day "gosh, all you listen to is Lifehouse, you're obsessed!" i had never bought an album, never expressed interest in them outside of the songs i heard on the radio, all i knew was that i liked them. This summer i went their concert in Calgary, i sat 5 hours infront of the baracade for the best seat in the house. While everyone sang along to every song i just stood there - clueless as i soaked it all in, how they are such all around an amazing band, and that ever song was something i would never ever forget as long as i lived. The very next day i went out and bought all their albums and i haven't looked back since. Thank god for putting a little piece of Heaven on earth in the form of lyrics that come from the most brilliant of minds, i owe it all to you Jason Wade...

heaven sent | Reviewer: Donna Vaden | 4/6/08

I searched the internet to find out who the artist was that was used in the allstate commercial just because it sounded so beautiful. After a while I found it and more. After hearing the song "Everything" I thouhgt this must be a band that is on a mission to spread God's love. Then after reading the bio I realized maybe not. Maybe it is just music that could be interpreted that way. But I was a little disappointed because i hoped it was rooted in a love for Christ. I truly believe these words, this music is heaven sent and this band won't truly be blessed until they ralize and accept it and hopefully accept the Lord if they have not. For whatever it's worth, I choose to listen to this music and think of God's everlasting love for me and that I need nothing but to be loved by my heavenly father, and the rest of my life falls into place,

i was just wondering | Reviewer: steven | 12/5/07

I was ust wondering you guys could tour into albany NY. To the times union center. Iwould be the first to get a front row ticktet. Janson you are my idol. I wish i could meet you.Two songs that ive heard that changed my life is sick cycle carousel. That changed my life when my mom gave up all rights i kept on listening and eventually stopped crying.

love it! | Reviewer: roleth | 10/17/07

i can't help it! whenever i hear this song, i just want to sit down, listen and pray to God. it inspires me everyday. thanks lifehouse for the music! :) love it!

i'd do anything to meet them | Reviewer: monica | 7/15/07

this is my favorite band, l love all of their songs, i spend my time listening to their music, reading about them, looking for their interviews and trying to find friends who likes this band. I'm so lucky for i have listened to them and i was born in the same time they exist. I'm their biggest fan in the world!!! Unfortunately i live in a place where they'll never come...but i would die for them!!! :S well im kind of sad now 'cause i'll never meet them but i'll always love them and listen to their songs!! i love you lifehouse! thank you for existing

everything | Reviewer: Nikki | 6/24/07

Upon searching for a wedding song foe my wedding day. I came upon everything by lifehouse and it brought tears to mine and my fieancee's eyes and we know it was our song. Thanks

God bless lifehouse what would we do without you guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

i looooooooove lifehouse they are the best ever what they sing is so positive and really brings my spirits up especially when i'm having a rough day. i love a lot of there songs there all my favorite but one that just puts me at ease is breathe and everything it's like okay i know that things will be okay and God will help me find my way. lifehouse i don't know if you read all of your fans posting but if i can say one thing to you is thank you very much for being there for me thru your music you'll never understand how you've really helped thru the ups and the downs. God bless you always and forever because you guys are truely special with lots of love one of your loyal and grateful fans alwasy

dream | Reviewer: rachel | 6/15/07

i haven't really had the "rough times" that jason had, but, i got into a lot of fights in junior high. the girls at the school i went to were really mean, vindictive people. the way i made myself feel better was to work out, so, i would put my lifehouse cd in my portable cd player and go for a good long jog. their band was the only one that i could personally relate to, and it would make me feel better.
thank you guys so mush, i'm now 20, and doing guys go me through a lot.

Lifehouse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/06

Lifehouse are one of my favourite bands. They are so good. The song "everything" still gives me shivers when I listen to it. My favourites are Everything and Take me away. <3

what I've been thinking... | Reviewer: megan | 7/28/06

I first heard of Lifehouse in reference to their song "Everything", as a worship song. I assumed then most of their songs were inspired by God, and never has so many songs by one artist spoken to what my personal relationship with God is like, and what I want to say to Him... and also other experiences that we all have in life.

All I Can Say Is: Thank God For Lifehouse | Reviewer: Haylee | 11/22/05

When I walked into my usual CD store, I was expecting to buy my usual Green Day or Good Charlotte CD, but I happened to find Lifehouse's "No Name Face" CD. That was about two years ago, and many things have happened since then. My grandfather passed away, I met my boyfriend, and my best friend and I had a major fight. Lifehouse has a song for celebration times, sad times, and times you just wanna have fun. Lifehouse helped me with so many emotions, and sometimes I would just lie on my bed and listen, letting the music "clean" myself. "No Name Face" is my most well-worn CD, and it will always be my favorite. Thank you Lifehouse!