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many interpretations | Reviewer: piera pisani | 2/16/11

In your recent concert in Hobart did you hint that were you referring to being in therapy when you wrote 'they sentenced me to 20 yeaers of boredom for trying to change the system from within? my daughter and i had oposing views on this. just curious! thank you for the many years of pleasure. PP

Like A Bird On the Wire...I have Tried...To be Free... | Reviewer: George | 2/7/11

I'm reviewing all the lines already written by your followers, here:
Everything that everyone of them felt about your artistry, I felt, and yes just like one of them said I wish I could put in words the magnitude of the effect it has on my own humanity. The "Order Of the Heart": "Everyone will come to love but like a refugee", reflects the spirit of your works of modesty, humility and humanism, derived from the hard wormanshipr that only talent can start to create. When we admire the ceiling of the Sistine Chapell, how many times do we think about the toil of the making? With such out of this world feelings is your art touching the chords of my spirit: Him who wonder out of his pass to find a truer one is a hero for coming back to share the passage.
But not only did you enlighten so many audiences, but also performers, thorough whom the heart of your artistry are elevated magnificently: "Bird On the Wire" (Perla Batalla), "The Traitor" (Martha Wainwright), "Hallellujah" (Rufus Wainwright), the list goez on and on.
Thank you for sharing your light with so many of us, who needed it so much. God Bless.

Adelaide (Australia) concerts | Reviewer: John MacCarron | 1/30/11

had the hounor of being present at a "benidiction" concert at Day on the Green" Leconfield Winery Australia Day 2009 and again in November 2010. can only say thanks again for the old records, Songs of love and Hate etc. loved them all and seeing you in person has been a highlight of my 72 years. Missed Sharon second time around in Adelaide. Best regards John

For loss of words | Reviewer: Tamlynn | 1/25/11

I was supposed to do a project on a published poet and found you in a book of poems. I found you were Canadian and the poem I saw, For Anne,got me interested. In retrospect it was a very interesting unit and I adore your poetry

Dipping into the well of sadness and bringing up Joy | Reviewer: Carolyn | 10/24/09

The concert at Madison Square Garden was a gift beyond measure. L Cohen dips into the well of sadness that affects every mortal and he brings up buckets of Joy by virture of his generous and loving application of his amazing talent. Thank you for the miracles you craft for those of us for whom stammering is the native tongue. Thank you for bringing together the talented musicians that so richly augment your poetry, the result is an amazing grace.

love is the only engine of survival | Reviewer: majid rezaee | 10/11/09

as my very dearest sir leonard cohen has mentioned in one of his songs which I listened to before.I have experienced in my life such love but unfortunatly ended in a...oh LOVE oh sometimes I have a pain in my heart....just hoping would love find all of us....with special regards your faithfully majid from Iran.

lisbon 2009 | Reviewer: margaret davies | 9/6/09

My husband introduced me to you and your music and poetry only 3 months ago, i have siince bought your Book of longing the dvd Live lin London.How i would love yo shake your hand ,maybe your next European tour will bring you to the Algarve where we live. Happy birthday Leonard ,may we have many more years of your beautiful work

Dance Me To The End Of Love | Reviewer: Jennifer Evans | 6/21/09

It is only now at aged 63 that I have stumbled upon Leonard Cohen's music and lyrics from his album London Live. Since buying the album I have listened repeatedly to it and I have deep regrets that I have never immersed myself in his lyrics before. However in the hindsight of the wisdom of my own years, this was the right time for me to absorb them as they complete my own life's experiences and philosophies and I found myself echoing and responding like for like. His lyrics speak to me of his search for the heart of the matter, the truth that lies behind the lies. His utter charisma of spirit is breathtaking. His pure unaldulterated eroticism, so beautifully crafted, raises sex to a spiritual level and seems to elevate the female to the status of goddess. He has the ability to 'see' what others only glimpse and is able to literate what he observes whilst others who might 'feel'and echo his profundities in their psyche, could never craft such deep thoughts and emotions into words and music as he does. He strikes a chord in the heart. He opens up the searching mind and reveals the vista that has been hidden by the mist. He stirs the longing to touch and know God. God bless you Leonard and thank you for enriching so many lives.

Merryweather Post Pavilion-May 11th, 2009 | Reviewer: Allyson MacIntosh | 5/12/09

Dear Mr. Leonard Cohen,

I had the privilege of coming alone and sitting up front-mid row last night- and being absolutely mesmerised by your concert- you were stupendous. It was an early birthday present to myself; of which I will keep close to my heart; always.

Your very words speak volumes to me- it was a spiritual journey if you will.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving so completely of yourself. I wish you life's many blessings, and continue to sing your praises with that 'golden voice'....

Sincerely Yours,
Allyson MacIntosh

Tower of Song | Reviewer: hank williams | 10/24/08

A lover turned me on the L. Cohen in the mid seventies. Of course I'd heard Marianne, Bird on a Wire and other tunes covered by Judy Collins and others. I have all his stuff on cd and some vinyl. I have some high quality European bootlegs, mostly concerts..I would love to see him in concert. Terri Gross interviewed him on 'Fresh Air' several years ago. I have a picture of a blackbird on a wire a friend did. As soon as I saw it at a gallery I bought it. Like it was waiting for me all these years. I have tried in my own way to be true. Thats all you can do in the tower of song called life.

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