Blessing from Heven | Reviewer: lucie di angeli | 12/17/07

Leonard Cohen is the greatest singer and prophet of 21-rst century! If we would take one of his songs to be an american anthem we would have much better society right now!I am thrilled that after long "20 years of boredom" his coming back as a victor! Leonard! I am admiring you " et je tirre le chappeau" devant Vous! Lady X

everybody knows Hallelujah will be your man | Reviewer: Lane | 9/7/07

To review L Cohen might ensure that should I ever have the chance to meet him I couldn't.
I never had much trouble understanding the messenger but the message only recently caught up to me. His personae and ideal are perhaps the best example of the serious professional who happens to write so concisely that post war children listen. To hear his poems made lyric for song compels blues, rock, beat, folk, country and punk listeners to conclude that the Cohen sound is machine language for the musical brain. More and more people have admitted to having the musical brain because of Leonard Cohen. But still, to have a conversation with him..the brain runneth over.

Jesus was a sailor | Reviewer: Bob | 8/25/07

I heard Suzanne when it came out in the late 60s. I was in college and very much the rebel agnostic. His words touched a deep place in my heart that I had forgotten over the years. A few days ago that song came floating back into my consciousness as I sat in front of my screen working on a Christian poem. It still touches me deeply.

IN MY SECRET LIFE | Reviewer: jenny | 8/1/07

This is my frist listen Cohen's song,I fall in love his voice at first,I will listen more his songs,I think it's will give me more feeling.

The name Leonard Cohen was spoken frequently with reference | Reviewer: Jay G | 7/20/07

I lent Clemma my Leonard Cohen albums in 1980,
But she broke my heart and I didn't ask to get that vinyl back,
Just picked up the pieces that I could find and left.
She said I was an arrogant son of a bitch who thought he
Knew everything, thought he was better than everyone,
But I never thought I was as better than Leonard,
When he sensuously touched everything, my soul felt touched.
His words carved reality like no words I could slice.
I haven't seen her for 27 years, but I've heard
Clemma is a doctor and heals bodies now,
Leonard still touches souls.

Painter/Poet/Saint | Reviewer: Dixie | 7/17/07

First, a thank you to the writer of this biography. Leonard Cohen's poetry is equal to that of any saint in the canon of English literature: Sexton, Coleridge, Yeats, to name a very few. His life is as wild as that of Rimbaud but he does not seem hampered by viciousness. Cohen's words, for me, conjure up visions of gold & cerulean impasto paintings, as if van Gogh & Magritte had joined forces to create mural upon mural of surrealistic/impressionistic dreamscaopes. This is babble because I cannot express the fullness of my joy in living during the same 2 centuries that Leonard Cohen has inhabited. Blessings upon his head!
Dixie in Colorado

gift | Reviewer: lucy | 5/3/07

critically respond to the poem,you tell me that silence is nearer to peace than poems but if for my gift i brought you silence (you for i know silence )you would say this is not silence this is another poem and you would hand it back to me.

a true artist | Reviewer: Angela | 4/28/07

I first heard Cohen's songs back in 1968 when i was a mere girl of 13 or 14. I didn't fully understand his poetry then but,his voice, words rang true and they still do.

Leonard Cohen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/05

I do not recall when I cam across this artist , oh yes I do, it was after I saw the movie 'natural born killers'. I enjoyed that movie so much I bought the sound track to it. I purchased this sound track a second time just recently after losing my original tape, and now I have a cd.
Anyway, I really felt his music deep in my soul.
His lyrics in some of his songs remind me of one who is all ready to recieve something but does not. There is pain and truth, but there is also conviction. Enjoy the pungent mailaise!