reply to draco | Reviewer: ARTHUR | 10/12/2007

please dont forget people like prince who is obviously a much bigger inspiration to lenny's music. and people like rolling stones, beetles etc. he is not copying jimi to a perfect match as you said.. you are way off.

I don't agree | Reviewer: Laura | 3/23/2005

I really don't agree with you, Draco. Of course Lenny has found inspiration in Jimi's work, but that is totally leagal in the name of art. As long as we're not talking complete copys, of course. It's quite similar to Oasis simularity to the Beatles, and most people still respect them for their music, don't they? After all, they've made it all by them selves.
Lenny's music has its very own sound, i think, and though some of what he's made may be a lot similar to Jimi hendrix, there is still quite a difference in the sound. Well, maybe you need to know a bit more about music, to realize that.
And by the way, you might like to learn how to spell the name of yor hero, JIMI Hendrix it is. ;)

- Laura

copy or new lfe for Rock? | Reviewer: Draco | 2/9/2005

Hi i'm an 18 year old male and i like Lenny kravitz's music alot but i think that he's copying Jimmy hendrix to a perfect match.I like both of them but lenny's music and style is like Jimmy's,even there names are some what alike.I i know that jimmy was hes inspiration and thats cool but some people i know think of lenny as some guy with no ideas of he own and that he has to copy the late great Jimmy hendrix.i for one think that lenny's work is great and i someday hope that i am as great as a guitar player as Jimmy was and lenny is.