Pleasant Nostalgia | Reviewer: Reira | 8/11/11

Ahhhhhhh! I can remember listening to this simple tune on my old radio as a child. It used to be on ALL the stations but now no one knows it exits! Very catchy, makes me feel sexy, but you can't really understand the lyrics unless you look it up, because of the way he sings. Confusing, but the style of his voice adds spice to the song.

catchy song | Reviewer: jeramie | 8/24/07

This song is catchy. It makes me want to eat the business end of a gun. I swear if he found one more word to rhyme with lady he'd have to find it in a foreign language dictionary and it would still be a synonym for mediocre.

Ahh! | Reviewer: Lindsay | 8/9/07

This song is so catchy and has such an awesome beat. I love it.