your are the flame in my heart... | Reviewer: Yolande | 10/23/11

This song is simply dedicated to his Mum when she passed away. And that was why he cut his dread locks... Anyway it is a really lovely song who can be written for any woman. Great Lenny, thank you very much!

ultimate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/09

This song might seem to call for religious references/implicatures, but it is an interrelation of divine and human love-the man comes to realise and explore God, through an earthly love that units him with the divine!!!!!!!!! it's rather symbolic!
it's been one of my fav songs since i heard it from the first time! congrats to Lenny1

God | Reviewer: Elfy | 7/21/09

This song isn't for a woman but for Jesus. You never say to your partner things like ' I always loved you from the start
But I could not figure out
That I had to do it everyday'
This is a ref. for practicing religion, also 'before you i was blind' that is also something that is used by Christians.
His videoclip also doesn't feature a woman and is not romantic at all. Fantastic song though.

WOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/09

This is one AMAZING song, it really speaks to me. I am currently in a love situation in where we both love eachother, but cannot be with one another... regardless, I let her listen to this song and she melted in my arms. Thanks Lenny!!

my interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

This song can be interpreted in many ways.In my opinion, the writer of the song was referring to how he felt about a particular woman.My lady was successful in making me understand how she felt by having me listen to this song. The beat has a romantic melody that can set the mood for a eventful night with your lady.

Meaning of this Song | Reviewer: Jay | 10/3/08

I think this song really means his relationship toward God. Jesus is mentioned as being the ultimate star in the bible, i think the references are very clear, You are the light to my path is what is written so I think he means to say that unconditional love comes from above and that he had learn to do it everyday not only in a religious way but in a confident daily relation with his saviour. Any way this is also the kind of love man and wife should have in their relationship.

keit | Reviewer: keit | 12/31/07

this is one of the best songs ever!
i really adore it!
and every time when i listen this music i feel like i am flying!
thank you Lenny!

lovely&fantastic | Reviewer: ninka | 12/4/07

Great song. Stimulates to deep and true love that is very rare in real life.I wish I had such love!And I wish everyone to experience the same feelings.

Not about a woman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/07

This song was not written for a woman. I do believe Lenny himself was quoted in saying many of his songs are about God and that people misunderstand what he's saying. Lenny has a tendency to do his music based on whats on his mind during that time in his life. That's what makes his songs so great, they are real. We are listening to his inner thoughts, his audio diary.

Special song | Reviewer: Octavio Navarro Llamas | 10/17/07

Well, im mexican but ill try to write english most correctly:
I listened this song whit someday was my girlfriend, and for she i know that song, so i will use that song for the person who will be whit me, and whit this song i will to express all my feelings to her.
So i hope find this person and share that song =).
I recommend that song for all who are fall-in-love and i wish to you get a happy life and take care whit your love because a carelessness could be end all that you wished and wanted (like me...)

Well, i hope you understood me.