Lovely written | Reviewer: Jakov | 8/30/07

Sweet song. Perfect to go with a romantic night: wine, candles, bonfire, a rose, and a woman.

I would like this song happen to me | Reviewer: Angela | 6/9/07

This is a sensual song that I like so much dancing and relax. Some day I'll listen to it with my true love.

Adam | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

This song speaks exactly to my relationship with the woman who belongs to me, and I to her.

simple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07

well , i like this song ... some 1 so special to my heart sent me it , and i heard it and i really like it ..
the bad thing .. is me and this peron can't be together according to our life conditions .. but i hope this conditions will change someday .

Fantastic | Reviewer: Evonne | 5/4/06

I love this song! The lyric's are very moving and the beat of the song puts you in a relaxed reggae/rock mood, with a sensual sway. It's genius!