Can`t get ya off my mind 11/23/14 | Reviewer: Evelia | 11/23/14

Hi I`m Evelia e-v-e-lee-u I love this song Lenny Kravitz is creative and fun.This song is all about her and her boyfriend and he long gone but she wants to get him back. So bye bye

can't get him off of my mind.... | Reviewer: lostsoul | 3/1/12

I never thought this would happen to me...I've got a happy marriage, and two lovely kids....but somehow it happened....I met HIM....we're like two halfs of an apple....I thought I was happy until I knew that happiness looks like...simply other.

this song is all about me. I don't know what to do. to have a life I live in, and to have a dream I run to every single moment I can...

soon I go insane. no one around me knows. no one around me deserves it. neither my man, nor my children. I sink in my thoughts!!!! can anyone help me?!

You found a movie, I found a song | Reviewer: YourEliseInBrookByTheSea | 1/17/12

To my politician, this pretty much sums it up. I don't want to "make" you do anything, I want you to come on your own... I try to wait even as lonely as I am, but I wonder if I'm waiting for nothing... We found each other at all the wrong times, just waiting for our time now. I hop from path to path looking for the right one, maybe its you that needs to hop. I do still love you, I told you that would never change.

Can't Get You Off My Mind | Reviewer: K | 1/10/12

K: I spent the most happy, fun, exciting, loving, fulfilling time of my life with was awesome. You still have my heart & my love, I so wish things could have been different. You are always on my mind, can't seem to shake you/us baby. Altough what made me walk away isn't fixable as you have nothing without trust, my feelings haven't changed. You, our kids, grandkids, & our families where my everything. I'm so sorry the grass wasn't greener on the other side for you, I wish you the very best always & know someone loves & cares for you deeply...xoxo Love, the other 1/2 of K&K....

7/10/2010 | Reviewer: alia | 10/7/10

Simply its just about a man who is deeply in love with a women he cant have most likely from her decision. he is asking her if there is any hope? what are her rules and how can he get to her? he loves her still and no amount of money fame or fortune or options can compare to having her.

Zanetta Ruby | Reviewer: Zanetta Ruby | 11/17/09

YA this song is grate that may be because love songs bring out a side of me people dont know about me. They think all i do is beat the crap out of people. I do, do that but they just got really anoying so they got hit. although your song really got to me. I still hate people that get anoying though. I'm 12 and this song is the best. lol . !!!!!!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

... | Reviewer: anonim | 11/8/09

the song is about an old man who was separated from his wife because he thought only in material things and money but when she wants to leave the thinking of the love he feels for her and said I could not get out of your mind and although he knows it's too late hopes

look a little deeper | Reviewer: Erin | 6/29/09

This is a story about a man (or woman) who just found real love, but who is in an autonomous, loveless relationship and needs time to get free:
he/she has "a pocketful of money" and "a pocketful of keys that have no bounds."

He/she also wants some kind of reassurance that their love is reciprocated, and what are the "rules reasons and the do's an don'ts" for getting involved right now.

Urg. Men! | Reviewer: A hopeless fool who's been told she's ridiculous | 6/1/09

This song is about two people who can't be together. It's impossible and hopeless. He knows it but he doesn't want to let go. He has to though. He's been in love with this other person, and unwillingly he had to accept to break it off. It's harder than he thought. When he talks about losing control...he's talking about how much he yearns for her.

-Baby. I'll never get you out of my mind. I'll never forget you. Even though we're miles and ages apart. I'm yours.

I just can't get you off my mind | Reviewer: Baby Boo | 4/23/09

John, You brought something into my life that I just cannot describe and you brought someting out in me that I didn't know existed. You said to live in the moment and that's what I wanted to do but then the moment ended. I don't know what happened but whatever it was I wish I could go back in time. The best times I've ever had were spent with you. I miss you and I will never, ever stop loving you.

pimp mobile | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/09

This track just breaks me but gives me the belief in true love because I thought I had real love till I met you. You know who you are honey and there is hope...we will have our time. I love you in every sense of the word and always will.I miss you.Xxx.

hello | Reviewer: luciana | 12/15/07

hi , I`m argentina
I don`t know speak English . I love this song jajaj !! I wanna meet miami but I have get not money . somebody want give me a little of money? jajaj... kidding ., I know speak in english.. I cannot believe jaja