From the Heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

This song is exactly dead on.
Lenny Kravitz did a great job on the video expressing what the problem is today.

All the women complain that they can't find a good man, but they don't want to be good wives.

Who wants to marry a 35 year old that has done half the city and acts like she has a pair.

I gotta go, I'm gonna fly away, and marry a virgin home-maker from the Philippines.

To all the feminist haters, listen to the song.

Spoilers | Reviewer: Russ | 8/29/10

Putting words and thoughts in the mouths and minds of the creators of this song which have themselves expressed their real motives more than one time for this lyrics, makes all of you the smart ones doesn't it? F&*#2^ poison politics, leftist and righties have to come out everywhere and spoil the harmony in everything. It has to mean something to your otherwise empty lives.

dumb fucks | Reviewer: hizzle | 9/1/09

man yall dumb as fuck. except for the second post by anonymous that is. this song has absolutely nothing to do with women and has only a casual reference to war. indeed he does attack the american "war machine" however, this attack is directed towards americas approach to utilizing its war machine. As a whole the song was indeed an attack on AMERICAN SOCIETY. a highly appropriate attack at that. and i dont even know why u other dumb fucks are talkin about WWII which is totally irrelevant to the music we are discussing. and furthermore greece? u serious dude? i mean greece is great culturally and historically and everything but damn their military presence isnt even an eighth that of the united states so i understand you're frustrated at the ignorance of most americans because so am i even as a citizen, however it's a little ridiculous to say some shit like that.

"American Woman" | Reviewer: Ezy | 1/10/08

Always thought the "American Woman" mentioned is the Statue of Liberty, one of the most recognizable symbols of America, a symbol which The Who utilized to express their distrust of the country's "war machine."

you dig to deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

Actually, it had very little to do with the war. While the "American Women" in the song was representative of the Statue of Liberty, it was used to signify America itself, not its political scene or anything like that, but its culture. The members of Guess Who were from Canada, coming to America was a massive culture shock to them, the didn't like all the "Colored lights" and the showy atmosphere of America, and they wanted to "leave" to go home, to Canada, to where they grew up and understood why things were the way they were.
They were also happy that Canada didn't treat the war the way America did, with the draft and everything. They grew up in what seemed to them, them being the Guess Who's, a very peaceful place, compared to America. Hence, "I don't need your war Machines".

Now, Get off your high horses and just look at the song, it is all right there, in the song clear as day. American woman is America, and its culture.

what in the hell? | Reviewer: JLB | 12/30/07

this song... by (the) *GUESS WHO*... had ZERO to do with ANY war.... it had ZERO to do with any womans struggle.

as the commentor above said... the song was a comment about the "over" maturity of young american GIRLS.... which still holds true today.

you buncha wankers are looking for something that just isnt there.

I agree with Akraida | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

I agree with Akraida, the only thing the Americans did towards the Japanese was Iwo Gima and the Soloman Islands, then gave up and dropped Two A-bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Where the hell were the yanks when the Aussies were fighting in the forests of Japan and New Guinie where the real fighting was? I lost a leg there so bugger yourself Craig.

The Skinny | Reviewer: Mary Sheppard | 8/29/07

The song 'American Woman' was written by Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman of the Guess Who in March of 1970. This song represented the attitude of those who disagreed with, and chose to dodge, the Vietnam Conflict draft and who ran to Canada, where many stayed until President Gerald R. Ford, interim president after Nixon was impeached, called for their national pardon so they could come back home to America.
Interestingly enough, First Lady Patricia Nixon requested the Guess Who not play 'American Woman' during their White House invitation to perform.

Meaning behind the song American Woman | Reviewer: douglas yul holt | 8/1/07

I was searching for the song because I watched part of American Beauty. As an older adult, I knew the song goes further back, to exactly who wrote it or when it first came out I don't know. This was not my intent for the google search. I only wanted to know the lyrics.

As an award winning poet, turning songwriting, I think my input my help based upon what little I know of the song, namely it's lyrics.

I think the song was intended as a message of war, yet the author personified it with a woman or an american woman as a symbol of rising dominant power. That power being the influence of the American women in aspect of american history through independent. The same for American as a nation being a previous unmatched Superpower and and current only Superpower.

But with rising power and freedom comes responsibility as most American women are finding out the hard way, so is the American nation. It is the abuse of this power by women and our country that I believe the author of the song American Woman is struggling against. The theme is twofold.

Compare women today in relationships with that of say just a generation ago. Compare our nations relationship with the international community to just 10 years ago.

There isn't anything wrong with freedom, independence or power, yet when we make gods out of them at the expense of everything that matters in life, like family, friends etc.;then, we have serious problems like divorces and wars.

... | Reviewer: Akraida | 7/16/07

Are you all crazy people?
In the 2nd world war there was only one thing that make the German army valnurable...
It was that the Greeks and especially those in the Krete island delay them for a long time.The result was that Germans went to Russia into the winter and the Russians had the advantage.
The things that you are talking about were at the end of the war when Japan Italy and Germany were a lot more valnurable to any enemy...
And i 'll also like to remind you craig the two atomic bombs in Hirosima and Nagasaki...
I didn't see any American fight like Greek people do in the mountains with a lot sacrifices...And greece was not as strong as US were..
So what r u talking about/???

/// | Reviewer: marat | 7/6/07

stupid americans!!! you don't know the history. do you really think, that americans beat germans in 2 world war?

not a war song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

According to interviews with the Guess Who, this is not a war song. Having come from Canada to the US to perform, the band found American teen and 20-something girls to be over made up, over mature, and not at all like the innocent Canadian girls they were familiar with.

American woman, refered to American women.

Jimi Hendrix song? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

This was originally a Guess Who song written by Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Jim Kale and Garry Peterson. Hendrix indeed, he just covered it-not as badly as Kravitz, but not very well, either.

cover song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

don't forget this a jimi hendrix song !!! its loses its meaning with lenny kravitz

great film music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

I first heard this song when watching the film'American Beaty' it added great atmosphere to the film and is a bloody cool song. plus America joined the war late(as usual)and only won because of the Brits thankyou very much