This song reminds me of him | Reviewer: no name | 11/6/08

Iam not sure if I really like him or love him.
for some reason it hurts me when i think of letting go or moving on i dont know anymore he still has feelings for me i dont know what he's thinking :( trying things that'll only destroy him in the end i still want to be a friend
trying to forget me is something he shouldve never done cause i know he's going to regrette............i havent forgetten about him i try! but i still think about him i know he still does with me you know how i know..our hearts are connected........ maybe i will see you again

missed out on something special! | Reviewer: i should of never let him get away | 11/5/08

This song really gets to me because i met this one dude at dance we ended up dancing the whole entire night i know he had something for me because he ask for my number but i had completely forgot it i was like no i cant remember hes like well ill give you mines and i just couldnt remember it! now im looking for him all over the place myspace facebook tryna see who knows him but nothing it feels as if it was a dream as if it wasnt true the only thing that i have of him is my dirty shoes which i dance all night with him im not cleaning those ever..he made me feel so protected and this really sucks he made all my problems go away for 4hrs nd i truly thank him for that WHERE EVER U ARE I REALLY MISS U ND NEED U!

Interesting; | Reviewer: Angelina | 10/2/08

I find this song to be very special.
If you watch the music video, you get the sense of a sexual relationship...obviously.
But if you listen to the song, no vid, and possibly think about God, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Byron - I wonder will I ever see you again? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

I remember the day I fell in love with HIM. The years was 1978 - we were in Rocky Point, Mexico - I was 17 years old. Later, HE went on a mission for our church, I promised to be waiting for HIM when he got back, but instead I got pregnant with my daughter and married her dad. We divorced and I dated MY FIRST LOVE AGAIN. Byron and I talked about getting married, but I ran back to my husband. WHY???? After 22 years I've decided that it's because I never felt good enough for HIM. Again, in 1989 I was divorced - but this time I was living with my future husband. I found myself being comforted by Byron's arms when my little boy was hurt. We searched each others eyes - looking - hoping - but I was too far into my relationship to back out. Now all these years later, I still am so deeply in love with HIM and I wonder will I ever see YOU again??

=,(( | Reviewer: mimi | 8/15/08

this song is making me soooo sad. i keep on replaying it over and over... i don't know when i'll ever see him again. the cirsumstances are awful.
i have hope that we may eventually see each other again. i know he cares, and his family does too. we're beyond miles from eachother thoigh.

x3 | Reviewer: anonymous. | 7/28/08

this song is awsome; with such few words kravitz really said a lot. i think we can all agree. and& to all those women who question if they should wait, i say yes. i'm doing the same girls, so i know hot it feels. if he is youre 'right one'..why take the risk in losing him? be patient, things take time, i tell myself the same all the timee.

I have found him again;) | Reviewer: nevra | 6/6/08

This song was in my memory.

And after I felt he is the right man, and when I thought how could I see him again; I' ve automatically sang this song, and now I am singing again cause have found him ...

If that day comes, I know we could win ;)

i'll never see him again =( | Reviewer: dont have one | 1/6/08

this reminds me of a man that i met on vacation in middle of the world during the summer; we happened to live in the same city and state and we started dating. he made it upon himself to take me out of state recentley to meet his family and spend new years with him and them. he broke up with me a day before we left back to home. i don't think i'll ever see him again but i am in love with him and felt a great connection with him. he didn't feel the same way.

untouchable | Reviewer: kate | 12/5/07

I love this song because it reminds me of a guy that i have liked everytime i see him which is only once a year...i long to see him again....but he is not looking for commitment at the moment...should i wait for him....i really deeply truly am in love with him

i wish to see him again... | Reviewer: mavel marasigan | 11/23/07

i had a lunch in a fastfood with my friend... i notice this really cute guy who's a crew at the said fast food... from then on we always eat at this particular store... but this past few weeks the guy i haven't seen this guy whom i've been stalking...just hop i would see him AGAIN...

this song loves me.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

i watched the video of this, but aside from it, the song strikes me so much that after five years since i watched this, until now i couldn't get rid of it in my play list..

this month.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

This month i have met a guy who i thought i would fall in love with and spend the rest of my life with...only to find he has a girlfriend and im waiting to hear from him to.
i wonder if i will ever see him again...

HE SENT ME THIS SONG | Reviewer: shelly | 10/30/07

This guy i am madly deeply, passionately in love with sent me this song. i am only praying that it was meant for me and that he really means me cause i have been dying for confirmation. However the see u again part made me wonder if there is someone else he longs for.

i wonder when i can see him again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/07

that guy was my love this song makes me remember him, even was so long ago he always gona be my baby my love is for ever

love this song!!! | Reviewer: Pancho | 9/12/07

I loved this song since i was 5 years old and still love this song to the very end.When i was 7, i always sang this song to my grandmother who has passed away.