i wanna see u again | Reviewer: lucas | 2/19/10

i met a girl in a festival last week... we hooked up, but i found out that she lives in another state... the problem is, i think i'm in luv.. never felt like this before... i'm sprung... and i wonder if i'll ever see her again.....

story of my life | Reviewer: anna | 1/12/10

i met this guy in school whom i really liked..we became good frens but i started liking him a lot..i juz cunt help myself..he left school suddenly n i was heartbroken..i still wait for him to come back n havent seen him anywhere since then..this song really reminds me of him..

Ash & Morgan | Reviewer: Ash Clarke Roberts | 11/28/09

For two years, between 2000-2002, before myspace, facebook, twitter. Before social networking exploded, Ash met Morgan online. The two of them, whoever they really were, found solace in the screen names of each other. The world around them disappeared, and these characters became larger than life. Imagination, creativity, connection in a disconnected world, an other wordly love, actually. What would ever happen to the lines, so oblique? I'm "Ash" and the real world behind my character called, and I had to deal with a death, a success, and forming myself as a person, so I showed myself to her...she tried so very hard to love 'me' but it was 'Ash' she loved. I could no longer be 'Ash' because the boundaries of him and I were too blurred and I loved her. Unformed as a person and an impossible boundary, it got messy.

We created this story, together, and it's been about 8 years since I've talked to her but the impression on my soul is infinite. This song was part of our story.

again | Reviewer: abi | 11/21/09

I met a guy almost 2 months ago in a club and it was like he really liked me but I didn't, it was like I wasn't paying attention to him, then the next week I saw him again in the same spot and I don't know it was like I looked at him and he stole my heart seriously, it was love at second sight I guess, such a weird thing, it was like as if I was blind the first time I saw him. Since that night I've been trying to see him again but he doesn't seem to be interested in me anymore... it's been only one month and 3 weeks but still there's a long story, and lots of feelings, and now I wonder if I'll ever see him again

Lost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/09

I can survive anything, but my happiness is gone. Sadness has seeped into everything. I don't know how to let go, and I probably never will. My heart tells me that the part of you that belongs to me is still mine. Will I ever see you again? If I didn't have that hope, I would have nothing at all.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

There isnt something that different about my story..i met a guy from another country here in my hometown,he was working here for a year.we were together for about 8 or 9 months.i knew he was leaving so kind of prepared myself,but now that he is gone back home its quite overwhelming.we still talk now and then but i know eventually that will fade aswell.9mnths isnt long but was still special.all i have now is memories and old photos to remb.this song just reminds me of us..and chances of us meeting ever again?maybe in another lifetime.

Miss You | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

i let you go because everything was so messed up, not knowing that i would never be able to forget you. Not thinking that it would cause me greater pain to be away from you than to stick up for what we had...its been 3 yrs i wonder if i'll ever see you again

lost love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/09

this song is somehow special to me...the love of my life was married to her cousin which is his parents dcision...its been two years now we havent seen each other...what i know is i still love him and i know he feels thesame...when will i see you again? inshallah god will find a way!

Phone-chat | Reviewer: somebody | 7/23/09

I've just met a man by a phone-chat or whatever. At the beginning I was just fucking around with a friend but then I fell in love with him, and my friend hunged up... yeah, I'm a total loser, and I wonder if I'll ever talk to him again...

Abby | Reviewer: Crucifixgal | 7/7/09

This song reminds me of him. My heart always strongly feel that he's the one, we had feelings for each other from the first sight. But it was all my mistake, i didn't realize how much he mean to me at the time and so i let him go. We're from different countries and i don't have his email or anything to keep in touch. Its been 2 years now and I have no idea where on this world he is...yeah, i wonder if i will ever see him again... Y__Y

I wonder if I'll ever see you again... | Reviewer: H | 6/17/09

L... you & I met our freshman year of highschool. I've always thought you were an attractive young man, & I always had a slight interest in you but was intimidated by you at the same time. we had classes together throughout highschool but never became close. it wasn't until early May of 2009, almost a year after we had graduated, when you had asked me if I had remembered you & we got to know each other better. I caught myself falling for you... & I knew I shouldn't but you are just an amazing young man & I couldn't help but want to see myself with you. yesterday was June 16... the day you left for your church mission to France for 2 years... & coincidentally, yesterday I bumped into 2 missionaries just like you... maybe God is telling me that you'll always be near wherever I go. only time will tell how things will work out between us... 22 months is nothing... I wonder if I'll ever see you again.

love, H.

Same Feelings | Reviewer: Phebe | 4/25/09

I met someone only 12 days ago and since then all i can think of is only him, how he holds , looks at, kisses me. and from first time on I knew He was the one I was waiting for all of my life. Iam 30 , i never thought It would ever happen to me.
But It did. He is my gift from Heaven.
Mark, I love you

wonder if il ever see him againl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/09

i do rily luv dis song. bcoz it remind me of my crush wen we are came in a bar. i requested it to d' band & says dat i dedicate dis song to the man hus very special for me. and he didn't know it was him.
i often see him bfore 4 days a week ,saddest part dat now i havent see him again

.... | Reviewer: Gosia | 11/28/08

On holiday in Bulgaria I met an Ukrainans boy.. We live in other counrty but I fell in love with him and he was love me.. Always when i hear this song i think of him.. I wanna be with him and hear his voice... I loved when he was hug and kiss me.. I wann back to Bulgaria, to this time whose i spent with him..

....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/08

I dont know maybe......i was thinking sooo much of this song.....i know he still cares a part of my me tells me but then I dont know.....I even said ill keep him at the top of my heart forever cause he was my first Love i know i am his too


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