That one speacial guy | Reviewer: Alexandria Davis | 2/5/14

This one guy name vaugn I had met on facebook well I was already with someone but I had fell in love with this guy I don't know how or why it just happened he was so eager to meet me well we talked so much until I had the courage to actually meet him we were only friends but I didn't expect anything serious just mess around when I was already with someone else ..I saw him outside my window I was all scared and soo surprised we went to his house an I met his grandma an his dad He told me his mother was murdered I felt bad for him but I wanted to show him that I cared soo much for him .. anyways we ended up sleeping together and that's when I saw something in him we did this for a while probably 3 days and then he finally popped the question an asked me to be his girlfriend and I had broke up with my boyfriend to just be with vaugn I was very happy then It was awkward because the relation started going no where he went to another school an we lived so far away from each other.I really wanted to be with him every day but it didn't go as planned made me sad cus we both confronted to each other that we both knew that it wasn't going to go anywhere even though we both wanted it too.. It made me sad but he gave me his jacket to remember him I still have it and it still has his smell when I had been in his arms I still cry because we now don't talk anymore and im afraid I will never see him again or it will never be the same, and I just want him to know Im always going to be there for you vaugn I love you and there will always be a place for you in my heart I hope we meet again.

See you. Again. | Reviewer: M | 9/4/13

I met this guy 5 years ago, we dated for a while but it did not flourish (because of immaturity and pride)and we stopped seeing each other. After a year, I got into a new relationship, it was fun and all but I always ended up thinking of that guy. Although, we dont see each other, I still keep him within my radar so I know what he'd been doing. He didnt have a gf after me. Last year, we kind of reconnected, though I really wanted to see him again, I refused his offer, because I am in a 4 year and serious relationship and I know seeing him would make me fall hard again. I kept on replying to his messages and I really missed him but things are not the same as before. We had our chance and blew it. We stopped exchanging messages, and I heard he's with another girl and it's pretty serious since he already introduced her to his family. I know I should not feel jealous but I dont know. This song reminds me of him. I love my bf so much, but there are these times that it hits me so bad..

lonely and sad | Reviewer: brandy | 10/16/12

theres this man that i think completes me and hes married and he lives a stone throw away from me which makes things even harder to know hes right there and he cant be with me..... i walk around my property all night morning for him and no other can take his place i tried they dont fill in the gap... i want to spend eternity with him. he once said if things were different we would be perfect for each other.... hes my tent peg the one that keeps me grounded in love... God plays cruel jokes

Again lyrics | Reviewer: chika | 10/4/12

i notice this song on my hubby profile, ones i didn't really notice what this song tell about. But after i read his quote for this song that sound very sad, and finally heard and read each of the words on that lyrics. That moment i realize he's missing someone very badly, his past love that will always stay in his heart. sad to know that our couple just feel stuck with us, he's not happy with me and he's obviously lossing his very special one while i thought that he is happy with me and love me but i guess i'm wrong

PM :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/12

It was a busy schedule for my five (5) days field validation at the office...One day,me with my boss went to a place where i never been before. A guy keep on staring at me, and this make me feel conscious...that guy was an engineer assigned on that area. As we go home with my boss this guy have a ride with us. It takes four (4) hours to arrive. During the travel home, he sited beside heart beats so fast but i just ignored it. in the middle of the travel, i fall asleep and find my self when i woke up on his shoulder. When we arrived, we go home separately...a few days later i realized that i like him..until now, i keep on searching for him,. i just wonder when could i found him.. :(

silence at the first sight.. | Reviewer: Aloune | 1/16/12

when I first saw his picture on a social networking my heart to tremble and say .. "oh god this is my fiance who had been through life", but the long distances and relationships come and go sometimes forced me to say this is not possible to proceed, and in the end I knew he had a boyfriend but deep down inside I know he feel what I feel, feelings that want to be with me .. I miss you..hear songs that I created for you - want to meet you (AA 04-09 -1982)

Again... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/11

I started to think about this song a few days ago, after I had met this wonderful girl for the third time. I really like her, she's amazing and we've made out for several hours at a party. Now of course she had to live in Australia, and she's only here in Sweden to visit friends and relatives...Leaving tomorrow. I wonder if I'll ever get to see you again, you crazy, beautiful Australian blonde..

destiny or not? | Reviewer: ana | 11/8/11

i met my first boyfriend through myspace i was only 16...i know its not so safe but i met him with my mom and sister ...the first time i ever saw him in person i felt like my heart and stomach wanted to grab each im 21 and till this day i still feel like now that im older and more mature..we could have a serious relationship...even though he is with someone else i know deep inside his heart..he still loves me..its not me being delusional its more of a gut feeling...i have dated other guys but i have never felt what i felt for him...i truly wonder if destiny ever wants me to see him again..and somehow he will be alone...

The Song! | Reviewer: gil | 9/14/11

I know the song since 2000 when it came out, and I've always like it, but now it now has a real meaning to me. I met a girl last saturday in a party, we talked, laughed and kissed, but when got the time for her to leave, I was asking her phone, instead she gave me her facebook profile. Since that sunday morning I don't know more about her, and then Lenny sing the right words "I wonder if I'll ever see you again?"

One night at a festival | Reviewer: Christie | 7/28/11

I was at an open-air music festival. Three days and two nights. I noticed Him on the first night, but I didn´t dare to go to talk to him, though my best friend told me to. I didn´t notice Him on daytime anywhere, but on second night - there He was, standing in the same spot as on the previous night, *sigh*, He looked so perfect in this bright light that came from the stage, with a cool concentrated look, but at ease. So I gathered my courage and went to talk to him, he seemed interested so I suggested to move away from the stage, because it was hard to talk over such noise, he agreed. So we sat down on the benches further away and just kept talking and talking and talking. We had so many of these moments "Oh, hey, that is totally like me!". I wished that night never ended, it was very cold, but I didn´t want to leave. He gave me his jacket, it was huge, lol. I remember when I was showing some pictures that I kept in my bag, He sat really close do me, oh damn, I was so afraid to look into His eyes, it just made my heart tremble so much. Somehow midnight turned to 9am, I said I have to go to sleep and that others are waiting for me, so He sent me to my tent and hugged me, I slowly pushed him away, but he didn´t let go and we looked deep into each others eyes. You know that feeling when you are about to kiss someone? I felt all butterflies but I just couldn´t, I freaked out, turned my head away, said goodbye and fled. He left. I was just standing there, like a crazy person mumbling to myself, I so badly wanted to run after Him and hold Him again, but I couldn´t. I had someone else waiting for me... Who I broke up with soon after that. Now I´m alone and I cant get Him out of my head. "I wonder if I´ll ever see you again..." *sigh*

LENNY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/11

I met one boy few months ago at one party, that night we were together but I didn't realaze then how great he is. He lives far away from me, every month we are joking about something but the thing is I'm complicated person and won't let him go near me even though every day I realize he's the one for many reasons. We both adore Lenny and the song is perfect for us, we have seen each other only once and only God knows if we'll do it again because that time I will know to appreciate what I have.

Goodbye... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

i met her at the school of my son... by the way, i don't have a wife... i mean we are separated... i am not married... so back to the story... my friend and i was just making a joke of talking aloud so that she could hear our conversation.. then my friend ask me my cellphone number, so i say it aloud so that she can hear it and save it on her phone... and she did! we texted and talk to the phone and even while waiting at the school... then after one week she told me that she need to go back to DAVAO, Philippines because she will continue her studies there... i cant do anything... i don't want to be the hindrance to her dreams and plans... i love her.. and she loved me too... we are true to one another... everything is all about love.... its just that, it is at wrong time and at the wrong place... i miss her.. and i love her, still... goodbye... take care... i hope i could follow you there in DAVAO... wait for me... i will go there...

True love returns | Reviewer: Tiff | 5/8/11

9 Years ago today I started dating an amazing guy. I fell for him the moment I saw him. We dated for a while and eventually lost our virginity to each other. Things were great for while but we were young and I eventually left him after things started going south and rekindled a relationship with another guy. Years passed and there was always something about him and we even hooked up a few times at parties later on in high school. Things never were clearly hashed out between us, and I always longed for him. While I was in college I hadn't spoke to him in years and found out he had joined the army. He was deployed in Iraq and I knew he must have been so alone there. I feared for him life everyday and prayed to God to bring him home safe. I guess I always hoped we meat again. I even heard from friends that he had seen me at our younger siblings graduation and asked them how I had been. He just got back from service in November of 2010, safe and sound! Well he decided to leave the army and persue other dreams, and just happened to get a place pretty much near one of the local places I always hang out. I got up the nerve to ask a mutual friend between us to give me his number. One day when I was at the place I decided to get up the courage to text him and tell him how proud I was at what he did for our Country and how happy I was he was home safe. We had been texting for a few weeks and last week we met up for the first time in probably 5 or 6 years. We instantly hit it off again and I still get those butterflys that had made me give myself to him so many years before. I am falling love again and I just hope he feels the same.

if only we have enough time .. | Reviewer: theea | 4/3/11

one day a middle east man came into my office, looking for my manager. he's cute, my type, so i tell my friend, other secretary in my office, but then she told my manager of what i think about the guy, and few days after that, my manager arranged us a dinner. It was followed 5 days later by another dinner of 4 people and at the end of the week i had time to spend the weekend together with him, where he finally asked if i wanna be his girlfriend. so i said yes, though i still had not too strong feeling for him but i think he's nice enough, so why not.
but everything went beyond our plan. he was a trainee in the office next to mine, and he didn't get the job offer after the training finished, so he had to return to his country, australia. so on friday, only 6 days after he asked me to be his girlfriend, he left the city where i work in, he's still in indonesia now but only for few days before he finally go back to aussie, and i don't know if we can ever meet again, coz we both already tell each other that we think long distance relationship will not work for us .. but now i still chat with him, almost every night since he left, and i wonder what if we had longer time to be together .. and i just found that he uploaded our picture together in his facebook, only 1 day before he told me that he had to go, and i wonder what it means ..

I miss her so much. | Reviewer: Rob | 3/12/11

My girlfriend just broke up with me the other day. It was long distance, and she's already found someone new.

She'll always have a special place in my heart and I hope to god we end up together again.

Before she came along I wasn't a very nice person. I never cared about anyone but myself and then she came along and taught me how to care and all that stuff.

She made me happy and she was my first true love and after two and a half years it had to end because the distance was too much for her.

I'll always love you NPK.