goodbye? | Reviewer: virgo | 1/17/11

we met at a hotel where we have worked before. whenever my friends and i were going on a out of town trip, they would invite him coz they know that i really liked him. at first i was hesitant because he already has a gf and soon to be expecting their baby. eventually i started avoiding him though my heart tells me no. he would come up to me and ask whats wrong etc.. i resigned from work but not because of him. years past.. we havent seen each other. until recently i went to the hotel to visit old friends and saw him there. we hugged and talked and i can still feel the same old feeling i have for him. later i know from a friend that he said he would never let me go if i have given him a chance. hes out of the country now. before he left, he sent me a text message. thanking me and saying goodbye...

The love of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

I met this guy 9 years ago online.It was just an innocent chatroom to mingle with people and I notice this user name that got my attention and IM him.Ever since we just meshed well. I lied and told him I was single and broke his heart when I had to tell him the truth and that I could never talk to him again. Months later I contacted him to appolygize and we stayed somewhat friends. We kept in touch through the years but moved on. He ended up finding a girlfriend and had a daughter with her which crushed my heart but I was happy for him. Years later we got in touch again and both our relationships were rocky and we fell in love with each other again. The problem with our situation is that we live very far from each other. We finally meet in the middle of the country and spent 4 days with each other but I was stupid and went back to my ex.Things between us got really rough and we kept going back and forth with each other but the whole long distance thing wasn't working. We stopped talking for two years and I got in touch with him on FB and he confessed he still loves me and that I am the love of his life. I truly believe he is also the love of my life because we keep finding each other again. Now its just a matter of time if we'll every see each other again. I sure hope so because I am truly in love with him.

where have you been? | Reviewer: jalen | 12/26/10

My first bf is my first love.. That's why every time I see him, I still feel something special for him..We broke up for unclear reasons. But every time we see each other, i feel happy and i tend to forget everything around me because of him.. He has his own family now and I'm already committed to my 2-year bf..We still miss each others company.. I feel his sincerity every time he confesses this to me. He still kisses me before we separate ways..I wish I could turn back the time..Its been a long journey without each other.. My dear, where have you been?

love in silence | Reviewer: king of the road | 11/16/10

This happened 10 years ago, I met this beautiful girl when I was in highschool, she was the sweetest girl I´ver ever met in my life... I fell in love with her, but I never had the courage of telling her how much I loved her, despite I was sure she loved me too :( ... she was dating a guy, and with the years she married him, and when I heard that I, I wanted to die, I felt sad for 1 or 2 years... and after this girl to these days, I can´t get in love with any girl... she took my heart with her, I found her on FB 1 month ago, and I tried to date her... but, I think she has forgotten me long long ago and there is no chance for me... guys if you feel something special for a special girl, don´t be cowards like I used to be.... tell that girl how much you love her....

almost perfct for each other | Reviewer: russ | 10/9/10

4 years back i was working in a hypermaket and i saw this guy passing from my counter. i know from my heart, that this is the type of guy i wanna be with,it was may 2009 when he saw me in the hospital where he works too and asked me if i was working there too. Luckily I got a chance to work with him and that time he was calling me many times but i rejected because i found out that hes already married and i have someone too. 1 year after he invited me as an officer in the club. we really dont know that we started to care for each other for more than friends. we shared the same things, same feelings. i came to know that our zodiac sign was the most compatible signs of all. i know hes my soulmate, he really knows me if im sad as if im his mirror. now they will be moving out from another country and promise me that he will see me after 5 years...

I woner if I will ever see you again. | Reviewer: lala | 9/29/10

My freshmen year in high school I developed a crush on a guy who was a sophmore, he fell for me first, and then I did. Every day I would wait for him to ask me out but he never did. School ended and I thought it was just a silly crush, I came back to school the following year, and when I first saw him, my feelings for him were so strong that I just couldn't help myself and say, I'm in love with this amazing person. Eventually he never asked me out, and I thought I moved on. I thought it wasn't going to work out since he was joining the military.He graduated and I thought that I was never going to see him again. I recently went to a football game and I saw him. My feelings came back. I talked to him for a while when he finally asked for my number, He didn't have a piece of paper to write it down but he told me that he would remember it. Now I can't stop listening to this song, because it makes me wonder, all of my life, where has he been, I have never felt this way before, after this I wonder if I will ever see him again.

:) | Reviewer: jess | 8/18/10

so i went on a roadtrip with 3 other friends .. and we went to some stores and there was a dude there .. and we left our nubers just for the fun of it.. he texted back and now were totally relating to this song =]

again | Reviewer: rocky | 8/18/10

fox's candy.... i met her when we were just toddlers. she has the sweetest smile in the world. years past and i looked for her only to find out she's already married with a kid and another one on the way. i secretly followed her and when she's due for delivery, i stayed with her for hours and made a pact with Him that i would stay away and forget her as long as she survive this ordeal. i thought i fogotten her already. last year, after 12 years, i saw her.

jc | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

i went to other state to take a capacitacion of my job .. and the teacher was the girl i'd never seen before. since first time i saw her i knew that she was the girl i have been looking for. and time after. she came to my state by the job and we go out and met to her i felt in lov. and i dont know when i will see her again ..

Maverick... California | Reviewer: Phoenix | 6/29/10

We met at the airport, and from the second on, I will always remember that feeling. It was love at first sight. Everything was a blur and we just starred at eachother...2 years later....I still think of him everyday. Everynight. I dream one day fate will just have us in front of eachother unplanned. He put this song on my profile...this was our song.

Always and Forever | Reviewer: Soulmate | 6/9/10

All your stories touch me...I too was with someone 17yrs ago so in love with him, he broke my heart so I broke his but somehow managed to stay good friends. I didn't realize then he was the one I would never forget in my heart. He came for me 16 yrs ago and I let him go choosing security over love. He recently found me on fb about 7 months ago but we are both in a bind. I'm married and on the rocks he's with someone strictly for their child. We talk every now and then feeling just as in love if not more than ever. Someday our train will come. I know we are soulmates

Never ending story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/10

It's been 10 years now... we were unofficially together for 2 years while officially having both other partners. We chose to stay with them and I moved away..putting a save entire ocean..between us. We both have our family now, but every few years we meet again and nothing seems to change. Don't know when and if we'll see eachother again..I'll love him till the day I de though.

long lost friend finally found | Reviewer: ian | 5/25/10

i have a classmate and a special friend as well way back in high school. after 15 years i found her in facebook. Now, we have a still communication thru phone, email, facebook. She an I promised to see each other after 1 or 2 years because she's working in other country,we still hoping that would come....

tarnished | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/10

i met someone quit similar to lenny, when i was in hs this song "again" came out and i wanted it so badly to mine...
now that it is i wish i could give it back, hes back with his cheating wife, his real life, and ill never see him again...

Serena & Taylor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/10

We met online.We lived far away but not too far. We had everything in common. What I wanted, he wanted. What I needed, he needed. He said he would wait forever until I could be with him.Until I left the boy I was with. My love for him will never die but it had to end. I see him everywhere, I feel him everywhere. He was the love of my life and I chose the wrong boy. I chose him because it was safe and secure. I let Taylor go and not a day goes by that my heart does not ache for him.
I know he still loves me but the hurt is too deep between us. He can't get past me breaking his heart. That crater is too big to cross now. So we live apart loving each other, missing each other but knowing we will never be together again. Both of us with an empty space in our lives. Both too hurt to fix it....