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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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Amazing! | Reviewer: Kayleigh | 5/2/07

Wow, amazing song. I'm not the biggest Zep fan,my brother is, but I do love this song. One of their best, if not the best.

stairway to heaven | Reviewer: rocker | 4/27/07

i may be offending alot of led zep fans here, but i rate this song alot more than stairway to heaven. it is quick moving origional, and i like the zither. plus I HATE CHAVS AND TOM

great song by a legendery band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/07

the sound in this song is very different from all of the other zeppelin racs but still a grat song.

i beg to differ | Reviewer: Glenn | 3/7/07

Been reading a Led Zep biog in which Plant says he was reading a book about Scottish wars when he wrote the lyrics to this song, doesn't say anything about Lord of the Rings.
Never the less if it reminds you of LOTR then so be it. Brilliant song though and on one of Zeppelin's best albums


The dark Lord rides in force tonight.... Sauron | Reviewer: Miguel | 2/14/07

I suppose the very first line, "The Queen of Light" is Galadriel, isn't she?
Ringwraiths is clear as water: "the ringwraiths ride in black, Ride on" makes me think of the Wraiths chasing Frodo and the Hobbits.
Great GREAT song sometimes eclipsed by "Stairway to Heaven" found next to it in the same album.
It really rocks, I love the Page & Plant Unledded version.
One of my true Zep favorites algon with "Friends".

Mexico City

Life Changer.. | Reviewer: Aidan | 2/15/07

Was a big grunge head and then Cobain killed himself so was at loss with music for while what with Limp fuckin biscuit and linken cockin park and then heard Battle of Evermore,bought Led Zep 4 and the rest is history,big RocknRoller now and its all thanks to that song,owe evrythin to Battle of Evermore,without doubt my all time favourite,fuckin changed my life man..

one of the greatest songs by one of the greatest bands | Reviewer: Dan | 2/22/07

is the title not enough? this is an amazing song really hits me just right every time i listen to it plus im a huge LOTR fan which is great but wow Led Zeppelin brought it all together here

great song

Adore | Reviewer: Lisa | 2/9/07

Battle of Evermore, yes inspired by LOTR, haunts my soul, I realise now it's the medieval connotations. For me this is the pinnacle of music, it transports and transpires all earthly things.

drums of war | Reviewer: Paco | 11/10/05

This song rocks always. I'm never tired of listen it. It's no a new this song was inspired by LoTR and all the uk folk images and eclectic things
But, what is the output? a masterpiece :-)

greetings from Chile ( S America)

rock on | Reviewer: Matt | 7/8/05

Battle of Evermore rocks, shines zeppelins medevil influences at its best
rock on

The Lord Of The Rings=Led Zeppelin | Reviewer: Rob | 6/19/05

Umm, did anyone else think that this song was about LoTR? Ringwraiths and dark lords? I think so. Good song.

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