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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/09

I disagree with the assessment that the lyrics don't mean anything. As much as poetry is an art form, so are song lyrics. Lyrics don't have to mean anything by themselves, indeed, the most important thing about art is not to make sense, but to paint a picture. In the first few albums, you can see that the lyrics do "make sense, as you would have it, but they are shallow and one-dimensional. pretty much any album after IV, to me, has MUCH better lyrics than the first few songs. Plant really grew into his lyricism, where he really was nowhere in the beginning of Led Zep. And Tolkien mumbo jumbo? That's just.. silly.

Okay.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/08

The Rover may be the anchor to one of the most unbelievable sides of vinyl ever, BUT the lyrics are at best a backdrop for the voice as an instrument. They are complete stoner meets Tolkein mumbo-jumbo. There is no meaning, only some loose rhymes. Yes, they work very well. I just wanted to see what the actual words might be since I just sing what's close- "silver candle burning low" whoops. I think "stolen" should be "strollin'" but what do I know?

Law of One Content | Reviewer: RA | 12/2/08

As a youngster, I listened to this song countless times, since it never gets old. Myself, as others had a link to this song, although it did not become clear to me until about a week ago...
Background on song:
The song was written at Bron-Yr-Aur in 1970, but was not released until Physical Graffiti.
"Rover" is old British slang term for a wanderer, and the lyrics are fitting to this definition:
There were readings conducted via a channeled individual between 1981 and 1984. The channel was with a 6th dimension being named RA. Over a three year period, RA received and answered questions about the Law of One. The Law of One describes the entire universe and the concept of a single creator. In the material are numerous answers about wanderers (rovers) and the role they have served on the earth over the last several thousand years. I believe that this song is describing this process or entity. There are other musicians and artists, that I believe are also aware of the Law of One based on the lyrics of their songs. U2 would be one such band.
The Law of One has played a key role in the movie industry since the 1980's. You can see countless movie plots within the readings of the Law of One.
Movies linked to the Law of One include:
Matrix, Cocoon, They Live, Star Wars, Independence Day, Men in Black and so forth.
The only question that I am left pondering is as follows:
Who wrote the lyrics and what was their inspiration?

for the song | Reviewer: angelina | 4/5/08

it's an amazing song!i just find myself in it,i feel like i am ... i can't describe it,near to ... heaven!This song is not so famous,and i love this fact about it! Very special to me,i can listen to it all day and it won't drive me crazy haha =) Led Zeppelin RUULLZZ,the greatest band ever!!!

the greatest | Reviewer: chris | 10/30/07

the rover is my favorite song of all time and the greatest song ever written. thank for lyrics, its one of their lesser known songs and its kinda hard to find it sometimes.

music beyond lyrics | Reviewer: fabi | 8/7/07

How powerfull is music that I been listening zeppelin my whole life without understanding the lyrics, ,I grow up in Argentina, it was until I moved to the States to live , that now I get every single lyric it feels like I complete the circle, Zepp was my band ever I used to carry in my wallet a picture of Jimmy Page

AWESOME | Reviewer: jose patricio | 7/11/07

This song is composed and written so well. I love the beat, the lyrics, the solo, and everything else in this song. Led Zeppelin is the king of rock n' roll.

The Rover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

This song is absolutely amazing. The lyrics are so deep and I just get an amazing rush whenever I listen to it. It's definetly the best song ever. Led Zeppelin forever!

CustardPie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

This the greatest song ever. I love Led Zeppelin! Zeppelin is #1!

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