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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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Perfect Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

My boyfriend, who is a few years younger than me just influenced my first led zeppelin album purchase and it was one of the best buys ever. This has to be one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard and had the pleasure of his friend coming outside while I was on break at a bar I tend, telling me to go inside because he was rockin a song karaoke for me. It just happened to be Thank You. It was fantastic.

I still cry everytime I hear it | Reviewer: T | 2/14/11

This was my deceased husband and my wedding song in 1991. The lyric "together we shall go until we die" clenches my heart everytime, because that is EXACTLY what happened. 4 years after his death, I still have not found that kind of love and develop tears in my eyes everytime I heard this song. I love and miss you Baby.

wedding song | Reviewer: Jesse | 11/24/10

This is one of my all time favorite songs. My wife and I danced to it for our first dance as a married couple. Always loved the song but that made it take on new meaning! I too and too young to have seen them in concert, but that doesn't stop them from being my favorite band!

thank you | Reviewer: Abby | 11/1/10

I love this song. I am very young, and a little late to see them in concert but their songs touch my heart. This one especially. I believe this song is beautiful and touching. Led Zeppelin is legendary.

Beautiful words | Reviewer: kathy | 10/17/10

I just luv luv luv this song always have and always will. Have been a fan of Zeppelin for more than 40 years, thanks to my older brothers. Saw them at Sydney showground in 72 what a concert my sons cant beleive I was actually there!!

dying | Reviewer: sunita | 9/26/10

i love this song very very much i wanna say just like this but can't express my feelings towards her bcoz im just dying and can't talk abt anything she knows that i love her and she loves me too but still i don't have words to say it i just sit and listen to this songs again again with her

Their grtst song in my views | Reviewer: Kunal | 8/30/10

Wat gr8 lyrics. Even after 10 years of listening to this song i still admire this song.i have an endless addiction for this song i listen to it once a day at a least.thank you jimmy page for this wonderful song & love u robert plant for d same

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/10

I think the first time I heard this song i was too drunk to remember it that was at 14, now at 46 sunday church ,soccor mom, suv ,my own bussniss ...i listened to it recently wow... that says it all great song

Great song | Reviewer: Jessica | 8/27/10

I think everyone has wanted to use this song as their wedding song...I know a few who have! As for a father/daughter dance...Fleetwood Mac Landslide...hands down! Love that song even but I used it to dance with my twin sister at my wedding!

Thank You | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/10

My father, when he was going out with my mother gave copied it and gave it to her. I guessed it worked, they are going onto 21 years in October. I am thinking this is what I will do when I find my special someone. One of the greatest songs.

awesome | Reviewer: juli | 7/12/10

i read about the song in sarah dessen's book "just listen". i downloaded it and fell for it inmediately.
it's one of the best songs i've ever heard.
the line i like most is, "little drops of rain whisper of the pain" because it reminds me of my dads funerals when i was eight. it was raining cats and dogs that day.
i also thought of using it at my weeding. so i got the bride.. and the song.. i need a groom

Thank-you. (Led Zep) | Reviewer: Duncan | 7/1/10

Jeez, what do I say? I remember hearing this track on vinyl for the first time when my eldest brother was on holiday from uni in 1969 when I was 6. It had such an impact on me at that age that it's still my favourite rock track of all time. An absolutely fabulous track, especially if it was to be extended on Zep II to mix with last part of the track on Jimmy Page/Robert Plant "No Quarter" album. Superb.

to the future | Reviewer: shane | 5/12/10

wow. i thought i was the only one with the idea of playing this song at my wedding. im in highschool but iv always loved led zeppelin since i started listening to music. but this song is beautiful and itl always be one of my tops. led zep forever!

Thank you | Reviewer: devasted at 46 | 4/26/10

I was going to use this Led Zeppelin masterpiece "Thank You" song at my promised birthday/wedding only he did not want me. No worries I still love the song's GREAT lyrics very powerful too bad for me, he dumped me a 3rd time. He dumped me for a family with adult kids who are in the 20’s who do not work including his wife the whole family are users, liars (much like him - the apple does fall far from the tree) his 400lb wife got pregnant by their mutual friend and had him pay for the abortion, Yet their adult kids make me the villain why, because they do not know what their mother did to their father that situation happened way before I came into the picture. During the past 9-month's, he paid their bills and I paid the bills at “my house” that he occupied with me all based on empty promises what hurts the most he will not even speak to me now.

Stupid Girl,
Minored in Art History

Nostalgia...OMG | Reviewer: robert | 4/19/10

I remember first hearing this song as if it were yesterday. It's more like 40+ years. I wish my wife were more of a Zep fan because to really appreciate this song, the person it reminds you of has to love it too. Instead, we both remember riding in a car at the exact same spot when we heard "Killing Me Softly" for the first time. June 7, 2010 is our 36th anniversary. Still, I wish this was the song we both remember hearing together for the first time.

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