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Inspiring and Greatest Band Ever | Reviewer: Nathan Gardenhire | 6/24/09

I am one of zeppelins biggest fans. My dad gave me his LP'S when I was 6. That was in the year 1995. Jimmy Page inspired me to pick up the guitar and shread on it like in Over The Hills and Far Away. Robert Plant encouraged me to sing like in the Lemon Song and Stairway to Heaven. Now im am 15 and I wish I was able to see zeppelin back when Bonham was alive. Still hoping zeppelin will get back together. It wont be the same without Bonham but there are suppose to get his son. John is a great bassist like in whole lota love or kashmir.

powerful | Reviewer: phil | 3/23/09

can not believe that rolling stone would rank jimmy page as the ninth greatest guitarist of all time. in my opinion,he is the greatest player i've ever heard. along with the rest of the band,bonzo is by far the greatest on the drums,jones is superb on bass, and of course, the lead singer, plant is the best up front. with that said, you have the GREATEST BAND EVER

Wish to see them live | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/09

Led Zeppelin is the best there is no other. Bonham influnced me to get started in druming and that was when I was 10, Its been 8 years now and I still love evry track. I can tell you every song ever made by them and know most of it. 18 and rockin hard

wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/09

that guy below dont really know what he is talking about either it was keith moon who helped name the band but he said that their band would fall like a lead balloon and ballons in england are called zeppelins therefore bringing the name led zeppelin

missing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/08

your bio did not mention that they chose the name from a comment made by keith moon of the who. who said they would fall like a lead zeppelin that is a important piece of trivia that you neglected to mention what else did you miss?

wish i were born in the innocent days | Reviewer: serene | 2/19/08

im 16 yrs. old and led zeppelin is my fav. band!

i wish i were born earlyer so i can see them in there glory dayz...

nobody can sing like robert plant
nobody can sound like led zeppelin
its just impossable

they are the most amazing band of all time

keep rockin led zeppelin!

rock gods | Reviewer: cheryl brown | 12/10/07

I saw Led Zep when I was 15. I waited in line with my older sibblings at Montgery Wards ticket master. That was the day you camp overnight, made new fiends in line and was getting a ticket. The p r of raidio and corprate america had not intertwine. I still think about bonzos drum solo. Pages violin bow on Dazzed and Conf.. The double neck. John pauls key boards on No Quarter. My 15 year old is a fan. Timeless rock Cheryl Brown

Led Zeppelin | Reviewer: Christopher Ryan Barlow | 11/29/07

Led Zeppelins so awesome even the best rapper alive(lil wayne) mentions the band in the song 1000 degrees. Zeppelin was, is, and always will be the best band ever created.

Led Head | Reviewer: JOHN LASLEY | 11/5/07

There will never be a band that comes close to Zeppelin. They could do it all! From heavy metal blues to folk. In my opion, "Since I Been Loving You," is the greatest blues song ever made. Jimmy Page wasn't the most technicial or talented gutiar player, but he played with more feeling than anyone. Plant's vocals are out of this world and Bohnam was the greatest rock drummer period. Jon Paul Jones never really got the credit he deserved. In fact, he was the one who keep the band together on their later albums. There is not one bad song that I have ever heard from Zep. I am 44 years old and I have been listening to them since I was 12 years old. I still listen to Led almost ever day!

Then and now | Reviewer: Ken age 47 | 10/20/07

I am now and always will be a Zep fan. That band has always been the band to listen to for me. I started listening in 74 and have been ever since. If any one member of Led Zeppelin would not have recorded with the group, they would not have the lasting power that they enjoy now. Page is the guitars player guitar player. What a back beat Bonzo provided. Plant is the man. John Paul Jones is a great keyboard player and bassist. That's the way. Thanks..

Led Zeppelin | Reviewer: clint | 7/16/07

Bonham has to be the only drummer i've heard to make an actual song, ONLY with drums and make it sound good. listen to Bonzo's Montreux on CODA for proof, its astounding.

never will be another band like led zeppelin. thats the sad part.

Early Zep | Reviewer: Brian James | 4/26/07

I first saw Led Zep at Bath Festival in 1970. I loved Led Zep 1 and 2, Led Zep 1 especially. Then I saw them in Bradford a few years later, when they were playing acoustic songs more. I went off them, what a mistake that was. It's 2007 now, and I play them most days. Gallows Pole is my fav at mo. I'm catching up quick. I'm 55 Years Young and still rocking.

Regarding the name. | Reviewer: Donald Snyder | 4/19/07

Upon hearing about the band Keith Moon said that the band would go down like a lead balloon. A phrase meaning essentially they would flop. Robert Plant wanted to call the band Lead Zeppelin, and their manager suggested they spell lead, led, so people wouldn't mispronounce it. Greatest band, ever, end of story.

stairway to heaven | Reviewer: widi | 4/7/07

hello iam widi iam your fans,i like all your song, i want learn guitar with you,can do i?

Rip BONZO | Reviewer: RIP Bonzo | 2/27/07

yep led zeppelin are the kings of rock n roll and whoever doesnt like led zeppelin shud kiss my ass. greatest band evr as i am heavily influenced by bonzo rip. as led zeppelin at their best was in 1973 when they played madison square garden in new york as i have seen some footage and its amazing and i think their the first band in that time to to do extraordinary things such as extend the song dazed and confused from the original was 9 minuites long as they played madison square garden and extended it to 30 minuites.

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