A Different Pespective | Reviewer: beaudonny | 11/4/13

Although the lyrics may have some relations with storybooks and fables, to me the lyrics are much closer to reality. It is a sad but hopeful blues song sung by a man who is losing his current lover to forces beyond his understanding and/or control. To me when he speaks of the leaves falling and the weather changing, he is speaking of the woman he loves and has made love to a thousand times, who is starting to grow cold, and it's time to move on. Because he smells the rain, and with it pain. He has been there before. And he has lost his former love of old, his deepest love, from forces he could not control. And so he has to keep going, keep moving, with the pain, and with the hope that he will someday find the woman of his dreams, that will be with him forever.

Led zep LOTR | Reviewer: Jennifer | 6/7/13

I have always been a Led Zep fan never paid much attention to LOTR until
My oldest DD became a fan just put the 2 together
Always knew their songs were written by an educated jimmy page
And now I understand why the powers that be couldn't stand them

A different perspective | Reviewer: John | 11/7/11

I've loved this song for a long time, but it has a different meaning for me nowadays. My daughter died at 10 years of age, ten years ago today. I can't find my bluebird. I've been this way ten years to the day.

Amazing | Reviewer: mdaigt | 10/14/11

My son and I both love Led Zeppelin. He was a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings. Read all of Tolkien's books. He passed away 4 years ago just short of his 22nd birthday. This song was played at the conclusion of his memorial. Boy I sure do miss him....Thanks for reading.

The Lord of the Rings and Robert Plant's song. | Reviewer: nilo nicolas jr. | 10/27/10

When I was watching the Lord of the Rings movie I heard of the creature Gollum and a place called Mordor. Hey wait a mininute I remeber that from one of the early Zeppelin songs and it was actually Ramble On. So this was where Page and Plant were drawing up the characters and themes from their songs. They were the best at their craft and what they actually said was steal from the best if you were gonna rip somebody off, why not Leo Tolskien. Nasty good guys.

BEST BAND / BOOKs OF ALL TIME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

Was about to go uber-Tolkien-geek, but I'll refrain. Wargs are mentioned in the Silmarillion, the whole song is about Tolkien, Aragorn, Arwen, and the ring. Arwen's father tells Aragorn, no King of Gondor (which by default = defeating Sauron and his ring, no Arwen. So at one point Aragorn goes hunting for Gollum, finds him on his way out of Mordor, blah, blah. Time between meetings of Arwen and Aragornwas in fact 10 years. If you have a hard time believing it's all about Tolkien, listen to the Battle of Evermore off of Led Zep 4, Misty Mountain hop (at least the title) and Take another listen to Stairway to Heaven.Tolkien fans will get the references. "When I look to the West and my spirit is crying for leaving." being the most blatant. Rush has a few Tolkien related songs came out around the same time as well. Geek rant over. Sorry

Thanks for posting | Reviewer: Nick C | 12/2/09

...it was fun reading the lyrics and the comments. There are wargs in the books. Orcs ride them.. as recently popularized in the LOTR: The Two Towers movie when Aragorn goes off the edge of the cliff.

i'm not sure the lyrics are very directly mirroring the series, though...i can certainly see it, but the first verse almost seems like bilbo's farewell speech...but Gollum was in the area of Moria, not Mordor...and he wasn't in cahoots with 'The Evil One', Sauron, he found the ring while fishing with his homie.

maybe loosely based on the story...or implementing some less than obvious metaphors or allegories.

anyway, awesome song and fun to hear some lyrics and have to look it up to see what is going on. be nice to hear from Mr. Plant (assuming he wrote these) on his inspirations.

my version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/09

And though our health we drank a thousand times~ Always thought this line said and I've held my dreams a 1000 times its time to ramble on. LOL I like my version better. I agree its not warg it's gollom the evil one crept up...

Still amazing... | Reviewer: Brock2112 | 9/23/09

This song is an amazing piece of art. These lyrics are off slightly but it's pretty close. In the third verse it should state "But Gollum and the Evil One..." It is refering to characters from Lord of the Rings. The Evil One is another name for Sauron, the antagonist. There are no creatures in the books called "wargs." Still these lyrics are very good!

oops | Reviewer: wierd1 | 7/12/09

i think its "gollum the evil ONE" not warg. i have been listening to this song too much lately because i play gollum in the upcoming 2009 thespians production....nobody else in the cast is mentioned by robert plant (yeeeee!!) in a song. hahahahohohoheeheehee.

Taking me back! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

I heard this on Radio 2 this morning, the first time in years, and it took me right back to 1977 and a current boyfriend who introduced me to the delights of LZ!

RAMBLIN MAN | Reviewer: Lewis...6r greenholm masta | 7/9/07

Ramble on is a awesome song so you better listen to it!!! Led Zepplin also have many other awesome songs but this is by far my favourite!!! COME ON AND AVIT!!!!

Song Inspiration | Reviewer: MC | 5/2/07

This song is inspired by Lord Of The Rings.
Baby = The ring of power.

oh yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/07

I ramble on in the morning on the way to work and I ramble on on the way home. Ramble on is always on repeat!

Classic | Reviewer: G P Tanner | 8/2/06

Marvellously poetic/lyrical song from the architypal hard rock group. Peerless.