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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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Finally! | Reviewer: Daryl | 8/18/09

Thank you for providing these lyrics. I've always loved the Presence album, but was completely baffled by the lyrics. Nice to know what Robert was singing about, and that it was an old blues tune.

Nobody's Fault but Mine. | Reviewer: jimmy | 1/24/09

the song is Zeppelin's take on the version that was recorded in the late 20's by Blind Willie Johnson, i was told once by a Blues fanatic that it was about Blind Willie Johnson's fear of God because he couldn't read his Bible, being blind, so he assumed it was his fault and he had done something to grant the wrath of God, don't know how true that is.

Definitely the Zep | Reviewer: The Scoob | 10/3/08

My roomate in college and I used to fight over who this song was by. I knew it was by Led Zep but he SWORE it was a Billy Squire song. Granted, Squire was HEAVILY influenced by Zep but still...I never could convince him.

He died 13 years ago, never knowing the truth.


Is it about mj? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/08

When the song first came out there were speculations that the lyrics where about Page's heroine addiction. The way I read it the song is about marijuana addiction. Devil told me to roll - could be about rolling a joint, especially since it's sometimes called a log. Brother showed me the gong - it's a stretch but it could be an intentionally obscured reference to "bong". Obscured to avoid hassles with UK decency laws? Monkey on my back - could be about addiction. But if I'm wrong - well it's nobody's fault by mine...

Greatest Gospel Song | Reviewer: Clint Byars | 8/31/07

In a dark time, this song taught me that God was not causing the pain in my life. The prophet Robert Plant probably had no idea that these lyrics would lead me to the real Jesus, not the religious one the church preaches but the one who loves us.

Plant | Reviewer: Duane | 6/11/07

Robert plant of course

Great zeppelin song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/07

Dude to me it sounds like plant says "no f-ing bodies fault but mine" in half of the verses.

WHO PLAYED THE HARMONICA ,PLEASE? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/07


respectable reworking of an old blues classic | Reviewer: feeltheoffbeat | 5/4/06

Convincing vocals, a dazzling harmonica part, and ear-catching phaser effects make this one worth a listen. It's definitely the best thing on the otherwise droning Presence album. What's especially interesting is that it reflects very accurately the mood of the band (especially of Plant) at the time. Grab your friends and enjoy - this is a good one to jam to as well as listen.

Great | Reviewer: madalby | 9/20/05

In my opinion this is the greatest Led Zeppelin song. The harmonica is absolutely spectacular, lyrics are stupendous, and guitar is amazing. It beats Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven, the two most "popular" songs by Led Zeppelin, by a landslide.

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