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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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this song is the best | Reviewer: psychedelic mind | 3/24/09

to be honest, i have never tooken the time to listen to Led Zeppelin, im more of a psychedelic music such as Pink Floyd and trance, etc.
but this song here is what opened my ears to LED, this song truely takes u to a whole new world, its enchanting sounds are very pleasing to the mind and very relaxing.Plants voice is so smooth in this song, and makes you feel as is you were in a whole new world. This song should be rocks anthem.

THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Sonny | 1/17/09

yes I think that ZEPPELIN is the best band in the world.. every time i listen to them they take me to some enchanted place in my head. i'm so calm, cool, and collected (very relaxed) when i listen to them. ROBERT, JIMMY, JOHN PAUL & JOHN B. ARE PURE GENIUS. i'm only 34 but i have been listening since i was in my mothers belly. she (mom) was at there concert when she was pregnant with me. when i was around 22yrs. i seen the PAGE&PLANT TOUR IN HOLLYWOOD CA(hollywood bowl) JASON WAS ON DRUMS(JOHNS SON) i've been to alot of concerts but that was THE BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ROCKIN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the best lyrics ever!! | Reviewer: E | 12/31/08

I like reading the lyrics to songs as I attempt to sing them to myself. This song is so difficult to sing that it is better to simply read the lyrics out load. They grip you by throat until you cry. Some of the best rock lyrics ever! Finally, if you have ever tried Saliva 20x, you will understand those damnn lyrics first hand. You get in touch with that gentle race in person....our ancestors.

Adrian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

Kashmir may be about the Sahara i don't know but it was inspired by a visit to a famous Bradford curry house The Kashmir after a concert (gig for you under 40s) at St Georges Hall in the city. This is verified by an interview in the NME at the time.

Mysteries & Great Secrets to be, and Some Revealed. | Reviewer: UnityOfGoals | 10/25/08

I understand as Nick does from comment placed 12/14/2007 by Nick. In addition, there are some things that are unable to be revealed to finite limited minds. The senses increase with spiritual development. But they are more in the spiritual realm now. The most gentle race may relate to the Chinese well, but also to those of Adam and Eve, whom were of a race called the Violet Race. The descendants according to the Bible Genesis. The Mighty Men of Old. They were similar, but not of the fallen line whom remained with God by faith and allegiance. The Violet race existed by first location on the Penninsula that now is beneath the Mediterranean Sea weighted down over severalhundred years due to thecollapse of the Straight of Gibralter and weight of the ocean over the years, Cyprus, a national conservatory are the remaining highlands. The later moved to between the Tigris and Euphrates, there are serious a sure certain connections to all of the surrounding areas, Turkey, India and a connection with Melchizedek teachings, the teacher whom met Abraham in the valley of the kings, that Christ is noted foreverof the priesthood, of God, forver after the order of Melchizeded in the Bible. One day, the sea willreveal its mysteries as the bible relates, where actual tablets of the eight foot tall in height gentle giants existed, the true and very real "violet race" whom came with the original plans to bring peace to everyone and all. Tablets, some of them are stated to relate to the unseen, and the Bible also states the unseen shall become seen. Many secrets are to be revealed, I am only dropping clues, the band must know of such secrets and learned some while in the region. Much will certainly be revealed,governments and red tape holds the many from knowing these very rare truths, but the smaller group of travelers learn them by direct contact surpassing all barriers of red tape of the governments. Sometime, it is predicted for our world, not any one culture excluded from one side of the world to the other, the amplificationmethod of communication will be received by all and everone on the planet, and perhaps Christ himself will make an grand appreance! God bless you all.

Its not about Kashmir! | Reviewer: A. Kashmiri | 10/6/08

Sorry folks, the song is not about Kashmir at all. I'm a Kashmiri and a Led Zep fan. Kashmir Valley is not a desert valley, its a lush picturesque mountainous valley in central asia to the extreme north east of Pakistan. It lies on the ancient silk road but currently illegally occupied by India. Just to correct an earlier review, Kashmir is NOT in China. In the 70s, Kashmir was a popular haven for hippies and rock acts due to the freely available drugs and the surreal scenery of the valley (its often called the most beautiful place in the world). Due to the enchantment of Kashmir, the name is often misused. The song's actually about the desert in Morocco but they probably called it Kashmir due to the mystery associated with the Kashmir valley. However, there could be some relevance - the elders in Kashmir are "gentle" in that they are "Sufi" Muslims - very peaceful and hospitable. The youth are not so "gentle" due to Indian army attrocities and oppression which they have faced for 60 + years. Also - the Kashmiris do "talk of days for which they sit and wait" - the days when they will achieve freedom from India. However, their is no "burning sun" and your eyes will never "fill with sand" in Kashmir - rather its one of the most freezing places on earth in winter and your eyes are more likely to be filled with snow!

My Opinion | Reviewer: Sean | 8/23/08

I think this song is about the coming transition of religion, Speaking of elders of a gentle race. I believe it has something to do with paganism but im not quite sure. All modern religion is soon to collapse and pagaism just might take over, and reveal what life is all about. Feminism is becoming quite common. Pagans worship women and in my eyes, paganism could be the greatest "religion" anyone has ever known, I think they know something we dont...

magical | Reviewer: pappy | 8/9/08

you know this is conjecture

pilot of the storm who leaves no trace, like thoughts inside a dream

those who believe in re-incarnation are like pilots of a long journey, yet they can only remember their current incarnation, similiar to how thoughts while dreaming are difficult to recall.

the drums | Reviewer: frank | 4/18/08

yes the lyrics and the guitar being played with a violin bow and all that is great...but what makes this song the best in my opinion is the drum beat. i mean cmon now. it really shows you how much more of a genius bonham was compared to the rest of the band....and thats not to discredit anyone from the band. Its like when they say defense wins championships.....well drums complete the sound and when you have someone that makes those drums make sounds that NO ONE can replicate combined with magical guitar playing, amazing rhythmic bass sounds and synths (which he never gets enough credit for) and hard nosed straight talking yet mystical lyrics and the voice to showcase them, then you get what we all appreciate and love....led zeppelin....but the drums is what makes this song, like so many other zep songs.....the ocean thats all i have to say....

Nothing Better | Reviewer: Justin Switalski | 4/4/08

Hey Zeppelin fans. Kasmir, now this is a song i can never get enough of, everytime i so much as hear someone talking about it i am frantically trying to find a way to hear it because it does what music is supposed to , it sends those chills down my spine when robert belts out those lyrics there are so many great songs by this band but i must say none other makes me feel the way this one does.

@David | Reviewer: Mitchell | 2/7/08

If I remember correctly, the song was going to originally be called 'Traveling to Kashmir'. The song is more about the journey and what's to come than the Sahara itself (spiritually as much as (or if not, more than) literally). In that sense, the actual place fits in just as nicely. But regardless of the technicalities, by far one of the best songs ever :)

@David | Reviewer: Mitchell | 2/7/08

If I remember correctly, the title of the song was originally going to be 'Traveling to Kashmir'. The song is more about the journey there and what is to come than the deserts of the Sahara. But regardless of the details, this is one of the best songs ever and never gets old regardless of how many times you listen to it on repeat :)

one of the greatest rock songs ever | Reviewer: bg | 2/10/08

The strings, the beat, the lyrics, and overall melody are timeless. And when Plant sings about sitting with elders of the gentle race it made me think about him smokin pot with older pot heads, maybe in their 40's or 50's;(I'm sure there were older weed smokers back in the 70's, though not as many as there today from Pages and Plant's generation of course) the place name Kashmir sounds cool of course.
I also like how the track is not only 8+ minutes, but 8+ minutes of purely good music!

Africa not Asia | Reviewer: David | 1/5/08

Sorry folks the song's called Kashmir but it was written about the Sahara in Morocco. I've been a Led Zep fan since the '70s but only last summer got to do the camel trek and Berber tent thing in the Moroccan Sahara and it all makes beautiful sense now. I'm sure it works for the geographical Kashmir anyway so don't let the facts get in the way of enjoying a classic track.

Some stuff about Kashmir | Reviewer: Nick | 12/14/07

I just learned about Kashmir in my history class and if you think about this next time you listen to the song I think you'll get a whole new meaning-
Kashmir is a desert valley near the himalayas and Shangri-la is an imaginary desert valley. The song tells about a man walking through Kashmir and talking with the elders of the gentle race (the chinese elders).

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